The Work Pad is a durable and waterproof device that can be purchased at Aircom for 777 E-Cash. It is used by The Watch and other major companies because of its strength, despite being outdated. When you press LMB, your character will tap on the screen of the tablet.


Aging and rugged, but still used by the Watch, Construction workers, and other professions that require durability over all. It has crack proof glass, and is waterproof for up to 6 hours.
This state-of-the-art tablet was first released by Aircom in the year 2035, rendering it a seemingly obsolete technology, but even seven years afterward, it is highly preferred amongst the populace. It has a very compatible user-interface, using holographic displays to maximize convenience. Additionally, a bar on the top of the pad has precise statistics on ambient surroundings, such as humidity, temperature, and even average pitch of surrounding noises!

When testing this product, the prototypes were beat with hammers, dropped from high locations, and thrown into walls, yet the screens refused to crack. It was also shown that the battery life was 400% of any of its predecessors, with a full-charged pad lasting up to two days before needing a charge.

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