The Wonderers or ‘Wanderers’ are a group of people in Neon District that often include refugees, the poor and homeless, and such. The Wanderers aren't known much due to not being seen much on the streets of Neon District. They usually hide in the large underground area, Beggars Cove, and in the slums.


These characters generally wear old beat-up clothes and have a scruffy appearance. Usually, they spend most of their time wandering the lower levels of the district or at Beggar‘s Cove. Most of the time they don't have access to more advanced levels of technology and weapons and rely either on cheaper guns such as the M11 or stuff like baseball bats and rusty pipes. They sometimes carry around guitars.

Relations with other factions


Wonderers and citizens usually leave each other alone in the world. The citizens might pity the wonderers, but usually don’t help them on account of them not having much to spare.

Executives - Most Executives see the Wonderers as pieces of less-than-human trash that need to be cleaned up. They might call the Watch on the Wonderers they see and will almost never lend them a hand. Some Executives might pity the Wonderers and help them, but most are hostile.


Beggar’s Cove and the Shantytown provide excellent cover for the Hackers to offer their services, as no Watch officer will ever venture down there, especially during the Festival of Lights. However, most Wanderers are too poor to pay for a Hacker’s services, and the Hackers might even be devoutly hostile. Mostly these two factions will cooperate or be neutral.


It’s rare for the Media to focus for any substantial period on the plight of the Wonderers, especially when the Watch and Corporations control the news networks. That said, the Media workers, like any average citizen, pity the Wonderers, but have enough problems of their own to help.


The scientists of Neon District often leave the Wonderers alone, as with all citizens, they have enough problems of their own to help.


The Syndicates, especially the ones that operate out of Shantytown or the Sewers, love the Wonderers for acting as a Watch deterrent. They often will help the Wonderers stay in these areas, or if they don’t or can’t, at least leave them be (if not out of gratitude then because the Wonderers rarely have money to steal), and will sometimes make deals with them.


The Watch views the Wonderers as filthy, illicit, disease-spreading pieces of human trash. They act disrespectfully or even violently towards Wonderers, especially with the urging of the Corporations. They also act aggressively against them because they may perceive them as aides or collaborators to the Syndicates.


  • This role gives the player a brown nametag,
  • This role has 6 shirts and 6 pants, 5 of which are unique.
  • The Wonderers are said to have found better lives in Neon District, but the living conditions in ND are so appalling for them that it makes you wonder what they were living with before.
  • A substantial portion of the Wonderers are refugees.
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