The Watch Precinct serves as the main precinct for The Watch in Neon District. The building is located nearby the bus area and in the middle of Neon District.

The lobby consist of a few chairs and an elevator leading up to the main area. From there, you can enter operations room, where there are servers a table of the city. In the lockers, you can put your stuff away and even buy stuff in the Requisitions in the same room.

In the Requisitions ( Inside lockers ), you can buy ( Lowest to Highest price )

  1. Security Baton for 350 E-Cash
  2. 2X Standard Issue for 600 E-Cash
  3. The Deputy Special for 800 E-Cash
  4. VEC-12 for 1900 E-Cash
  5. VEC-H for 2100 E-Cash as of the Riot Update
  6. HSR-IV Armor for 2500 E-Cash as of the Riot Update
  7. Riot Shield for 1000 E-Cash as of the riot update.

Note : The Riot is the Watch, just for special operation.

From there, there is Cell control, which controls the two cells. It also looks into Cell #1, with a one-sided see-through glass wall.

To the right, is the other part of the HQ. There are 4 desks in the middle, and two rooms with a desk in each.

Then, there is the surveillance room. Here, an officer overlooks the cells and cameras of the prison.

Coming outside, there is a port where helicopters fly in to deliver criminals.

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