The Watch Precinct serves as the main headquarters for The Watch in Neon District. It has three accessible floors and many detailed rooms, including a prison, gun store, and office area. This building is located not far from spawn, near the Noodle Store and Neon District Gym. The Watch Precinct is not hard to miss, with multiple signs and an all-metal industrial exterior that highly contrasts the rest of the Night Market's brick exteriors. It is also the location of the Car Crash Episode, which happens down the street the Watch Precinct is on.

The ground floor lobby consists of a reception desk, a sofa and some decorations. Across from the entrance is an elevator leading up to the main area. On the left, you can enter the Lockers. Inside, there are couple rows of lockers used by Watch Officers to store their Weapons and Outfits while not on duty. There is a requisitions counter, behind said counter is the Requisitions Officer. There is a register where you can purchase a variety of Watch weapons and utility items. At the back of the Lockers is a door that leads to the main hallway. To the right of the elevator is the Operations room, which is the center of the City Security's tracking operation. A table with a holographic map of Neon District shows the locations of Watch Personnel and any non-savories that the City Security are keeping a watch on. Next to the table are some terminals and a few server racks. There is a door from the operations room to a catwalk outside, with maintenance access to ventilation.

Going straight into the main hallway, the front side is a glass wall that follows the length of the hallway with a suspiciously missing pane of glass. Going left brings you to a door labeled 'Cell Block' heading down the flight of stairs brings you to the cell block check point. Past it two doors lead to the three cells inside the watch precinct. From there you can enter the surveillance room, which offers an almost 360° view around the cell area of any entrants and the jail. Going back past the checkpoint is the offices. There are multiple desks as well as two separated offices, and coffee machine on a shelf where you can buy a cup of coffee for 22 E-Cash. There is access outdoors for maintenance, and a surveillance room for monitoring cameras that are placed around the district.


Item Image E-Cash Description
HSR-IV Armor
2500 Made from a steel/carbon fibre composite, Heavy Special Response (HSR) Armor is an intimidating icon, only worn in times where the maximum protect is required. The Helmet comes with a display the feeds information about crowd formaions to the wearer in real time.
2100 Made with power in mind, the Vec-H submachine gun is a force to be reckoned with made specially for elite Watch personnel.
Riot Shield
Riot shield
1000 A Classic personal defense platform, used amoung police all over the globe. The Riot Shield is often deployed during CQB operations and crowd control.
Security Baton
350 Commonly used by the Watch to control crowds.
The Deputy Special
800 Favored amoung the upper ranks across the Watch. Great for dispersing a crowd, or taking pot shots at the Syndicates.
1900 Rifles of this size are rare on Neon District, due to the size and lack of mobility compared to pistols. But with rising tensions with Syndicates in the area, a little extra fire power may be necessary.
X2 Standard Issue
XD-2 2
600 Newest issue of handgun designed for use in gritty environments, with little maintenance required.


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