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Vitezovi stash house.

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Vitezovi Srbije is a Serbian Mob operating out of Neon District. (THIS FACTION IS DORMANT, IT STILL EXISTS IN-GAME)


Formed by a Serbian man in the slums of Neon District, what started in a musty room in one of the worst areas to live in Neon District, began one of the largest Mobs which exported illegal goods. The name Vitezovi Sribjie translated to English means "Knights of Serbia." 


Vitezovi Srbije mostly works in moving around firearms and contraband in and around the district. They operate as a distributor of goods for other criminal organizations. According to ex-members of the famed mob, they treat members as family and quote," acted as if we bleed the same blood." They're non-aggressive and attempt to keep themselves out of most disputes that involve violence, an exception to that are the feared Enforcers, made up of ex-Russian military, they mostly operate as a subsidiary of Vitezovi and are void of most rules except the core fundamentals.


Although they work closely with several Syndicates, they are void of the agreement held between the Syndicates and The Watch. City Authority has publicly outed the Serbians, but they've had no issues. The Watch continually messes in their operations, stopping any Serbian speaking citizen in hopes of finding a mob member. This racism has infuriated the leaders of the mob, instructing Enforcers to attack any Watch members if they attempt to stop them. The Serbian Mob isn't associated with the agreement, so in turn big companies like Amery International attempt to constantly taint the mob's reputation to no avail, citizens have begun calling mob, "Knights of the people." Since Amery has targeted the Serbians directly, small-time syndicates attempt to make names for themselves and attack mob members.

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