The VEC Standard issue, or simply VEC is a Sub-Machine Gun used by most WATCH officers. It has a 15 round magazine capacity and seems to be a retextured ROBLOX Kriss Vector mesh. Compared to it's real life counterpart, the VEC has only a 15 round magazine, compared to 17 round, and 25+ magazines. According to it's ingame description the VEC seems to be uncommon due to firearms of this size lacking mobility. But due to rising tensions with the Syndicates the extra firepower would benefit WATCH.

Additional Details & Pictures Edit

  • The VEC obviously seems to be a retextured Kriss Vector with a holographic sight and a grip, however this hasn't been confirmed by Inf the developer of neon district yet.
  • The VEC, like all firearms has to be reloaded whenever you re-equip it to fire.
  • The VEC used to be named the "VEC-12" hence this article's previously outdated name.

Pictures Edit

Exhibit A : A close up of the VEC being held by a WATCH officer, on the left side of the firearm you can see the label "WATCH" in blue text inside of a white square.

Exhibit B : The ingame description, with it's price tag.

VEC desc
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