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The Unicode station is a new location added within the Outbreak update. The location was stated to be an old rail-way station which was, in the past, the base of the Church of Unicode. The Station is connected to several different locations within the district, including Amery Station, several manholes and the car-park where the black market takes place. On the walls is large amounts of writing which are believed to be connected to the redwoods.

Above the tunnel you use to get to the other stations is this code:

MgHoHa LiHaHfMdLaLaHfLu GaLiHa MdHMgHoHKr MoLaMnBr MgHoHa HsLaLiHaLuMg GeIrLaLaFeLu MdHMgHo HKrHsLaLiFeGaMgHLaKrBr MgHoHa HeLaHf HoGaLu AuLiHaGaMgHaHf MgHoHLiBr

At first it appears to line up with the table of elements, but no element uses the symbol: Ha, which appears in most words in the code. However, Ha is the former atomic symbol of synthetic element dubnium whose name has been debated for a long time, which resulted in several proposals such as hahnium and nielsbohrium, all named after Niels Bohr and Otto Hahn.

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