This page is unofficial lore. None of this information is canon to Neon District.

In Janurary of 2042, a man by the name of Henry has noticed the lack of Watch teams and authority able to keep the Neon District from being destroyed and crumbled into bits by rioting citizens. A man by the name of Henry Vincent was able to make a new orginization and that the Watch would be under the careful eye of The Watchful who were a team of Executive members who were keeping an eye on the Watch to make sure they are doing their job correclty. Whoever was caught not doing their job or was doing something irrelevant to it or unrelated to it, they would be put into voting by the council members of the Executive team as well as the regular members of the team to vote if the person should be fired or given another chance. Soon in March of 2042, Executives and the Watch were able to band together and make this agreement that the Executive's will be watching over the Watch making sure they are ddoing their job correctly.

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