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"We are the Syndicate Union, here to organize crime" - Sheng Lao


The Syndicate Union was created 2040. It was created by 6 men, Strange, The Mime, Kyoto Shinobi, Sheng Lao, Koji Shinobi, and Phantom. There was but one reason for its creation: To organize all crime and factions of crime in Neon District. The Union had a long way to go before they could make factions -

- follow their lead. They had began with allying The Shinobi Family, West Side Fire Dragons, and Order of Unicode. These three factions were the current biggest in all of Neon District so it was in a way a easy road to becoming one of the largest factions in Neon District. Strange began reaching out to several factions within neon district asking for alliance. Many refused but the few that accepted helped bring the union to glory. One year later they had become the third largest faction in all of Neon District Sheng Lao continued owning West Side Fire Dragons as did the others for their own groups. One year later they had become one of the most feared factions in Neon District. They had allies all over the globe and the trade of the "stuff" all went through The Union and factions under the Union. They had become the second biggest faction and the biggest Syndicate faction in Neon District. They had gained support by corrupted executives and watch leaders. They had but one enemy to take down: City Security. They rapidly grew in members and they became known throughout the globe. A few months later Koji retired and disappeared and passed down his title to Kyoto Shinobi. A month later he re appeared and took his title back. The Syndicate Continued growing in power. What is next?

As of the end of March, the Syndicate Union has been disbanded.


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