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"Ex Machina Exilium!"

The Prosenti Orthodoxy, held under the neon lights.

Founded in North America, The Prosenti Orthodoxy is a congregation of Neo-Prosenti, following the tradition of the late Prosenti of 2023, a religious group with a collection of violent devouts, who believe that the production of enhancing prosthesis/augmentations have instilled the downfall of humanity, and define those who use them as "Heretics."

Conspirers of the Prosenti Orthodoxy have been known, on multiple occasions, to assault augmented humans.

Functioned to Blue Screen

The albeit crude weapons that the Prosenti wield are, while definitely fatal to humans with enough vigour, specifically designed to gimp augmentations, or other electronic devices. This includes;

  • Modified Taser, Rigged to exceed 0.1 amps. Cumbersome.
  • Copper-lined Truncheon. Great against prosthetics, not so much against skin.
  • Spark Gap knuckles. Short circuits any device not lined with rubber. Does nothing against skin other than a second-degree burn at most.

"Death To Technology!"

Any praise of the Prosenti is typically followed by their anthem.

Ex Machina Exilium

Ex Machina Exilium

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