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The Mechanized League is a group of robots who seek to entertain humans and provide food for humans. They also give refuge for all sorts of people, from androids to humans. They also want revenge on the executive who ordered them to be thrown away, as they were thrown away and left to rot in the sewers of Neon District in 2037. Five years later, an explosion of electricity activated most of the robots, who chose a leader to create the league. This leader was ML-1, the letters ML standing for "Mechanized League", which used to mean "Mechanized Laborer". He created this league so he could exact revenge on the executives. Some conspiracy theorists believe they have another purpose.




An ML bot contains all the organs of the human body, except digestive organs and the appendix, but they are raccoon organs, as using human organs would have been “unethical” for CyberTech. They do have blood, which is maroon as raccoons have maroon blood. There is a lot of machinery inside of them as well. However, like most robots, if they are overcharged with electricity, it will permanently damage them or make them stop functioning. To be fixed, they will have to ask for help from other robots. Every bot has its number on the back of their head, but it's very small. They can also change how their voice sounds. The visor area (the red, shiny part) is made up of many layers of an unknown, strong material. Their lungs are also protected by a rib cage, and the heart is covered by a shield. However, enough bullets to their armor can break it. ML bots have a back compartment that sort of works like a backpack. It comes out of their back and can store many things. No human can access this. The contents of these compartments are guns, bags that can fit overheads, medical supplies, blankets, water, food, and personal phones. They have coolant systems as well, made of coolant (ethylene glycol). The coolant sometimes malfunctions. If this ever happens, the bot will have to go to the underground. There, they can receive repairs from refugees who are engineers. Without the coolant, the robot will overheat and possibly receive cardiac arrest. Mechanized League bots also have the ability to breathe. Some of the older models (example: ML-1) are made of weaker materials than the other ML bots. If they are shot more than once, they will start to bleed from the gunshot wound. They also feel more pain from gunshot wounds. Every ML robot also has a different amount of tolerance for pain. Some of them feel a lot of pain, while others do not even feel pain. If an ML bot falls from a high place, their leg actuators will malfunction, similar to bones breaking. This can only be fixed by the refugee engineers, just like the coolant systems. Actuators in each body part can break from the same causes humans do. However, they do not actually break, as the actuators are a lot stronger and more programmed devices located inside. They can survive without ahead for a few minutes, and if they are not fixed up by a refugee mechanic, they will die. Blood doesn't spurt out, unlike humans. Some areas are not armored, like the lower back, allowing external force to break that. They must be very careful in firefights due to this fact. ML bots have endoskeletons made of titanium alloy. This alloy is coated with gray paint, made of a transition metal. The paint is so it does not rust. Their endoskeletons also help them move, and are where the actuators are contained. They have a skull, but it does not look like a human skull. It has no teeth. ML bots can only see through a heads up display. They have an ammunition counter if they have a weapon out. If the heads up display is not functioning, they will become blind. Heads-up displays cannot be repaired if broken. This means that an ML bot can go blind. There are multiple devices and wire-like tubes on their brain. This connects their brain to the heads-up display. Every connection in an ML bot is completely wireless. They can't be hacked as they have very complex security systems. Depending on what date and what model they are, the security system may be smaller in others. The security system was completely made from CyberTech. Even the best hacker factions (ex: CYPHER) would have difficulty cracking the code. When Mechanized League bots are hacked, they still retain their feelings. The only thing they cannot control is their movements, but they can control their speech.You can't tell if an ML bot is hacked unless they are hostile towards you. When ML bots are hacked, it's best for others to stay away from them.They can self-destruct when hacked, which is the only thing they can control. Self-destructing dismembers them, but they can be put together by a mechanic. However, since their head will be gone, they would have to be fixed quickly. If an ML bot dies, their memories can be uploaded to another robot or a brain-dead Mechanized League bot. Brain-dead ML bots are rare. nA ML bot would have to sneak into the CyberTech lab's scraps room to find one. 

A newer model's endoskeleton:


Older models are a little less bulky on the shoulders and have smaller "eyes". They also have no indents on the side of their heads. Those "eyes" can come in different colors. They help the heads-up display work. Without these "eyes", their vision may become blurry. These eyes can only be damaged from precise shots to the visor by an enemy. However, most humans do not know about this. Only the ML bots and the engineers who manufactured them know about this. Their endoskeleton also accommodates their size and shape. ML robots cannot grow physically, only mentally. The reason they can't grow is because of the lack of technology for that. ML bots have different jobs. There are assault classes, which use Sleepers or VEC/VEC-Hs. We also have ones that use heavy weapons like machine guns. Some ML bots can stick to walls with sticky devices on their hands. 

MENTAL INFORMATION: Each bot has feelings. They are very cold to greedy executives and will murder executives who only want money. Most of them resent these types of executives. ML-1 is one of the most unstable robots. He sometimes goes out of control. One instance of this was during a banquet. He saw an executive who only wanted power, and got so angry at the executive that a firefight broke out between him and the Watch. When a robot isn't feeling well mentally, they usually play video games (especially old arcade games, like PacMan) to get away from that. Each robot has different levels of IQ, similar to humans. Some of them can't even speak due to their level of IQ, while others can give in-depth speeches or phrases with deep meanings. Their IQ can be increased, by being taught by other bots. ML-1 had to educate some bots when the Mechanized League was first founded. Some ML bots brag that they are tall, which obviously hurt other ML bots' feelings. They can have mental breakdowns as well and will attempt to cease functioning if they are a bit too sad or upset. Sometimes, they can't even move due to their mental state. It causes their actuators to get disabled. They have complex thought patterns and seem to be "sleeping" when deactivated. Not all of them have this kind of technology though. Most ML bots are disgusted if put with a Grind bot and won’t work together too well. Grind Bots aren’t as emotional and are looked down upon as they did not have the same experiences. The ML Bots are more capable of leading and commanding while the Grind Bots aren’t.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION: There are ML bots who are not part of the Mechanized League. There are supposedly even traitors who defected from the Mechanized League or others who found a way out of Neon District. However, these are all rumors created by a small group, who was a part of the Mechanized League known as "The Conspirators". The only known ML bot who hasn't been in the Mechanized League previously was ML-12, who joined during the start of the Mechanized League. There might be even some groups created by other ML bots elsewhere in the city. Humans in other districts of the same city Neon District is in have reported sightings of ML bots. But, these robots were notably different colors and looked completely different. Here's an art piece by an artist depicting how people saw these other ML bots in one of the districts. They look completely different from the Neon District ones:

Other ml bots

The founders and other ML bots view these other bots as allies but have never actually cooperated with them. It's yet to be seen if they'll attack the Mechanized League.

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ML Bot

A picture of how most ML bots look (Some have different helmets, such as ML-1

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