The Lone Ranger is a bar with 2 entrances. The main one is opposite of Aircom, Neon District Gym and Econo-Smart, and the back entrance is near the Pawn Shop, The Mad Butcher, and the Neon District Station. You are able to purchase 2 different beverages: Oxy Water for 20 E-Cash, and Ambrosia for 777 E-Cash

The Lone Ranger has light blue lighting and a smoky environment and music. There is a bar with a few stools where you can purchase drinks. Behind the bar there is a glass partition dividing the entrance hall and the bar, and in the middle of the partition, there is a display of bottles. There are two rooms partitioned off with curtains, and the building is full of couches and chairs.


Item Image E-Cash Description
Oxy Water
20 Over-priced water, it's the only thing they sell at clubs these days.
777 Imported from Greece, this beautiful drink is the ultimate display of wealth and power. It is rumored to increase the luck of anyone who drinks it.


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