The Festival of Lights is an event that takes place in the Shanty Town deep below the surface of Neon District, a place many regular citizens are not aware of. It is a celebration held by the occupants of the slums to bring the neon lights of the upper parts of Neon District, a place many of them rarely see, into the dismaintained sewers. Neon lights are strung throughout the Shanty Town, changing the atmosphere completely. Music, sometimes able to be heard through the grates on the surface, echo's around the open space, along with the pops from firecrackers being ignited. The venue is not solely attended by the slum-dwellers, though. Many questionable residents of Neon District, including Faction leaders, Syndicates and Hackers attend to make deals and connections without interference, a popular location where no enforcers of the District's laws would dare to descend to.

The event has gained notoriety among the less fortunate of Neon District, something to look forward to in the grimey below-levels of the District. Frequent attendees will often plan their schedule around this event, marking how important it is to many of the shadier characters of Neon District. It's also a place where factions with a disliking of each other can discuss without the constant threat of attempts on their member's lives. Often regarded as a neutral place in the horrors of the below-ground of Neon District.

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