The virus

The virus is so called "Eko Virus" which has spread throughout Neon District.


The Symptoms of the Eko Virus


1: Slight respiratory problems

2: Blurriness to vision to organic beings

3: increasing malfunctions to cyborgs, robots, AI's etc. *with almost any cybernetics*

4: Hives that really itch




cyborgs that have this will be in more risk of dying unless high tech treatment built in the suit or part.

Emergency services have responded quickly but are exhausted of medical equipment and personnel. Executives isolate from the world while spending billions in research. City Security works to control the sick while City Authority Decontamination Groups conduct purges on public spaces and raids on private homes to cleanse the district of contaminated material. Hackers break into research facilities illegally in and attempt to make a cure with professional tools and chemicals for free.




There has not been a virus this bad ever since late 2019, the Coronavirus outbreak.

The order of unicode, THE WATCH, Amery International Team, and Orion Corporation will participate in attempt to help stop the Eko Virus.

The Eko Virus can be detected via the use of Scanners, which can be bought from Amery International.
Order of Unicode 2
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