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The CSBAR, more commonly known as the "bot hunters" are a specialized strike team of detectives, sting units, and assault drones dedicated to the apprehension and destruction of runaway androids. they are often regarded with disdain by android rights advocates, and, due to this, often lead lives as outcasts. even among there fellow watch officers. as a result of this unfortunate precedent, Members of the CSBAR often turn to alcohol, drugs, and smoking. In addition to this, CSBAR agents lead some of the most dangerous lives, as they often have to eliminate specially designed combat androids using only standard-issue equipment. CSBAR Agents can be identified by there badges, trenchcoats, and modified V2s, specifically designed to pierce synthetic carbon. The CSBAR, in spite of the downsides, payes extremely well. CSBA Agents often retire early. During there Retirement, However, they often live in total squalor, succumbing to alcoholism and ultimately meaningless lives.

  History of the CSBAR

The CSBAR was originally founded in Junkyard District, following the malfunction, and subsequent murderous rampage, of a JD Watch security android. Quickly, the idea caught on. as of today, 28 percent of North American districts have CSBAR units. For a brief period, CSBAR was disbanded. this was due to massive amounts spent in lobbying by an Irish robotics corporation, of whom wished to sell "bodyguard droids" which did not coincide with Watch Regulation. The group was reinstated, however, when a bodyguard droid mistook a command and killed seventeen children while protecting an orphanage. 

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