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The Syndicates are the criminal organizations of Neon District. Many of them are run by crime families. They often do the "dirty work" for Executives, who cannot be seen doing illegal things. Syndicates have a fragile relationship with The Watch, It is even possible that Syndicates collude with the Watch for their own goals.

Syndicate bosses are often extremely wealthy from illegal businesses. Some even hang out in the Executive District and own luxury apartments.

It is explicitly stated through their description that they cannot afford an all-out war with the Watch. This is likely due to the "status quo" belief of the Watch and Syndicate, that unnecessary interference into the matters of the other would be too risky.

Some syndicates have good intentions, but to complete their goal, they need to do illegal crime. It's not all cutesy though, it's just as bad as the others. For example, a good syndicate threatened to kill somebody's friend for more power. Don't underestimate any syndicate, you never know what could happen. Also, yes. With good syndicates comes good executives.


Syndicate members can often be found in the Slums of Neon District. This location is a good place to hide from City Security, as Watchmen rarely enter the slums, except during major police raids. There is also a gun store from which Syndicate members can buy weapons.

Outside the city slums, Syndicate members are sometimes seen in the Lone Ranger nightclub. This cafe is used to meet up with either Executives or other Syndicate members.


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