The Syndicates are the criminal organizations of Neon District. Many of them are run by crime families. They often do the "dirty work" for Executives, who cannot be seen doing illegal things. Syndicates have a fragile relationship with The Watch, and are often in wars.

Syndicate bosses are often extremely wealthy from robberies and illegal businesses. Some even hang out in the Executive District and own luxury apartments.

The Syndicates' relationship with the Watch is extremely fragile, but the two try to maintain a truce since neither could afford a war. There are often rumors of either side planning an invasion or counterattack on the other's turf, but they are usually either false or exaggerated. The devastating effect on the city's construction, economy, and welfare that would result from a large conflict stops either party from carrying out major attacks, and only small skirmishes sometimes happen.

Recent activities and relations with the WATCH meet a large turning point. The Syndicates relations with the City Security have now deteriorated, the Syndicates have formed an uneasy truce to fight a somewhat Cold War with the WATCH. And with a hacker claiming the WATCH has now acquired a new weapon to enforce their power, the syndicates will begin an assault on the tower of the WATCH to gain even more information. Even if it costs them their factions


Syndicate members can often be found in the Slums of Neon District. This location is a good place to hide from City Security, as Watchmen rarely enter the slums, except during major police raids. There is also a gun store from which Syndicate members can buy illegal weapons.

Outside the city slums, Syndicate members are sometimes seen in the Lone Ranger nightclub. This cafe is used by criminals to meet up with their clients, the Executives.


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