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The Syndicates are the criminals of Neon District. Many of them belong to crime families and are very harsh. They often work for Executives, who cannot be seen doing illegal things. They often stay in the Lone Ranger and other apartments. They hold a bad relationship with The Watch, and they are often in wars.

They have a very fragile relationship with The Watch. A small conflict could lead to a war, which neither The Watch or Syndicates could afford.
Some famous people that were Syndicates include John Jehnson, a famous heist criminal who became a multi-millionaire.

Syndicates are also normally extremely rich or middle class, due to them often being in large heist and other robberies. They can even be near Premium Apartments and live in them.

The syndicate's relationship with the Watch is extremely fragile, but the two organizations are always in a truce state because neither organization could afford a war. There are rumors of either side planning an invasion or counterattack on the other's turf, but they are either false or exaggerated. In addition to infighting and internal disputes, the devastating effect on the city's construction, economy, and welfare that would result from a hypothetical skirmish has driven both parties away from their agendas


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