"A staple of the West Side Fire Dragons, the Sleeper Suppressed SMG is a reliable companion loved by assassins due to its nature."

The sleeper is a grey-colored AK74U with a suppressor on the barrel and a clear magazine, and no stock. It has a blue scope for a sight and has an ammunition capacity of 10, and is automatic. It has a big price tag sitting at 1900 E-Cash. it is one of the most expensive weapons in the game. It is found in Lee's Defense Store.

There are several strange things about the sleeper. For example:

  • the sleeper’s magazine is too small to fit the 5.45mm rounds the AK-74U takes in real life.
  • The magazine is clear, and instead of having modeled bullets in it, they're part of the texture.
  • the gun hanging in Lee’s Defense is not a sleeper, it is an unscoped VEC.
  • The sleeper is too small to really fit the dimensions of an AK-74U. The mesh is downscaled by too much.
  • Despite it being fully automatic, it has a far below average rate of fire.
  • The bolt is on the left side, which means bullets will be flung at the shooter instead of away. This is not true for the real life AK-74U, which has the bolt on the right side.
  • It lacks a stock, meaning that it should not be classified as a rifle but is certainly odd as AK-74Us typically have a folding stock.
  • The magazine is only capable of holding ten rounds, which is unusual for SMGs, especially AK-74Us. The AK-74U will typically use a plastic or clear 30 round magazine.
  • The magazine is way too long to only hold 10 rounds, so either these 5.45mm rounds are really tall which would make them unusable as they wouldn't even be able to feed properly, or the users only load ten rounds into the magazines, which begs the question of why not the full thirty?
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