You may find these apartments/slums by walking through the hallway that are behind the maintenance doors of the Neon District Station or through the manhole cover near the ramp by the central part of Neon District.You may also randomly find them by exploring the vast networks of caves/sewers. These apartments are right next to the Underground Arms and the sewer tunnel. In these slums,there are 2 Vending Machines,some sort of Clinic with a metal arm.there are also houses in these slums.The houses aren't spacious and are the size of roughly 1 1/2 parking lots. These living spaces aren't sound proof but, they have do have curtains for some sort of privacy. You can hear a radio playing, in what seems to be in Mandarin, in the orange colored curtained room. There is no strong and clean lighting, apart from the small fire in a barrel. The beds don't seem as comfortable either. Despite all the poor aspects of these slums, these living quarters run for the cheapest price in the district. You may rent a small room for only 150 E-Cash, about the cost of 2 days worth' of food & drink. These are great for roleplaying as a very low class citizen.

Most people who go here are from the depths of society. The most common people to find here are Wonderer and Syndicate members. The Executives and watch are against entering this area, leaving it more or less lawless.




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