Accessed through the sewers, Shanty Town is home to Underground Arms. Up a set of stairs, there is a single-room clinic with a metal prosthetic and a bed. There are several makeshift living spaces dotted around. They aren't spacious, nor are they comfortable by any standards. They each have a single mattress and a curtain as a door. You can hear a radio playing a show in Chinese in the orange curtained room. No sunlight reaches Shanty Town, the only light coming from a number of neon signs and a few barrel fires around the area. Because of all the bad aspects, these living quarters run for the cheapest price in the district. Rooms only cost 150 E-Cash.

Shanty Town may also be accessed through the maintenance corridors of Neon District Station or through the manhole cover near the ramp by the central part of Neon District. You may also stumble upon it when exploring the caves and sewers.

Wonderers sometimes occupy Shanty Town, however it is more commonly used as a base for Syndicates and Hackers, as The Watch doesn't dare to go down there. The Festival of Lights is hosted in Shanty Town.

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