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These scientists are one of the most essential contributors in the field of technology to the Neon District. They are the backbone and the principal of the most unregulated technology hubs in the world. They innovate in AI, bioinformatics, and robotics. This demographic consists of the top and experienced engineers, medical doctors and programmers.

Scientists have a strong opportunity to prosper in their craft. Amery International and Nexus Solutions Limited are the heart in which these professionals may perform.

In recent activity, the Amery International branch of weaponry, engineering, and robotics have been researching the Robotic Micro Tank. It is an engineering masterpiece that will soon make these scientists famous and rich. But as hackers and syndicates find out about this project, the scientist have called on the WATCH to desperately try to defend the project. Only time will tell though...


  • Scientists seem to be the most used role in Neon District as of the outbreak update.
  • The picture of the role does not have an actual ROBLOX face on the scientist, similar to the media's picture.
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