Strain between the Citizens and the City Authority are at an all time high, causing a Riot on Authority. A war-like scene unfolds outside of the City Authority and Executive Apartments, debris strewn all across the plaza. Flares are scattered around the protest site, presumably by The Watch, who were authorized to send in Riot Squads and set up enormous rotating turrets, two in total, on the perimeter of the scene. Tall barbed concrete barriers have been set up around the entrance to the City Authority building, spotlights casting onto the Rubble around the site. A crashed car has erupted into flames, as well as a few barrels set alight by the Citizens. Looking down from the Luxury Suites of the Executive Apartments-a spot where some of the important city officials and members of the council are most likely hiding out-the scene looks like a warzone. There is no doubt the Citizens, who, depending on your opinion, may have taken things too far. Any event like this in Neon District is sure to attract the attention of the Media, and will not be forgotten, especially for the individuals who will hopefully be detained by the Riot Squads to place Neon District back into it's normal routine.


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