The riot shield is a item used by most WATCH officers. It is normally used in riots hence it being called the "riot shield", or sometimes in CCS teams in cqc according to the ingame description and context clues. In roleplay usage it's recommended to deploy it in raids. especially for the point man ( in other words the first man in ). In roleplay it can also be used to block shrapnel, and some smallarms fire, however it's rating isn't confirmed anywhere.

Additional Details & Pictures Edit

  • The riot shield is composed of a translucent orange reflectant material, and has a grey presumably metal border.
  • The personal estimate for the creator of this page ( A Epic Homosapien ) for the ballistic rating is at least a IIIA protection rating which can stand up to 2 5.56 millimeter rounds when not in point blank range.
  • The riot shield has no handle so does that mean the WATCH officer uses telekinesis? who knows?
  • The city always reflects off the shield, presumably due to a lighting glitch on Roblox, even indoors.

Pictures Edit

Exhibit A : A Riot shield close up being help by a WATCH officer.

Exhibit B : The exact ingame description with the price tag.
Riot shield
Riot desc
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