The Phone Booth is an interactable telephone booth that can be found in many places around Neon District. Equipped with aging Aircom payphones, they are easily distinguishable from the surroundings with glass barriers and a bright sign. From a phone booth, you are able to ping The Watch to your location for a rescue. When used, a notification will appear for all watch members telling them to investigate the large red exclamation mark. This marks the player who used the phone booth and will stay on them. It is only visible to players on The Watch team. The marker will last 45 seconds before disappearing. After the phone is used, there is a 120-second cooldown before it can be used again. This is to prevent players from spamming the phone.


There are 5 instances of the Phone Booth in Neon District. They include:

  • Across from Shiguto Apartments
  • Outside the entrance to the Abandoned Train Station
  • Next to Safe Service Bank
  • In the underground NDPA Parking
  • Near Executive Apartments


  • The phone booth displays "Phone out-of-order - Wait x seconds before calling the Watch to this position again" If a player tries to use this when the cooldown is active.
  • If the player who called the Watch dies, the Icon hovers over the spot where they died until the 45 seconds are up.
  • The phone terminal inside the booth has one blue screen, two red buttons and a black box presumed to be the phone. The same phone model, albeit without the booth, exists in the large prison cell.
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