This page is unofficial lore. None of this information is canon to Neon District.
"Hail Unicode."

The Order of Unicode is a large scale criminal organization set on the downfall of City Security (The Watch) and other mega-corporations.


Some information:

  1. We are one of the largest Neon District factions.
  2. We have been recognized by InfiniteEffect and Mr.Wigs.
  3. We have plenty of ranks.
  4. 5 leaders/moderators who can help you with anything.
  5. We host weekly meetups.
  6. We have a patrol and game night system.


In 2027, 5 people were kicked out of the New York City Security. The Mime was one of them. These 5 people were furious at the Watch because they did nothing wrong, and they decided to create a small criminal organization called the Order of Unicode. The OU went around committing crimes all over New York City, and in 2029 they committed their biggest crime yet. This got them removed from the city. Over the years the Order of Unicode started gaining members fast, and in present-day 2042 it became one of the largest criminal organizations known to inhabit Neon District.

The Order of Unicode is known for how well they can steal the products of mega-corporations and use the product against them.


We have two groups, a Roblox group and a Discord server.

Discord Server Link : [1]

Roblox Group Link:!/about [2]

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