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Nexus Solutions is a business located near Aircom, where you can purchase a Liquid Blade and a Nano Inject for 300 and 245 E-Cash respectively. On the first floor there is a waiting area with a sofa and a counter where you can access the shop. Through a door there is another room that has a staircase on one side and a back door that leads into an alley on the other. Up the stairway there is another sofa, a surgical room with a surgical chair, stretcher, and desk; next to the surgical room there is a door that leads to the roof of Aircom, Neon District Gym and Econo-Smart. It's assumed that they're partners, or clients, of Amery international as they sell the Nano Inject. They also are most likely one of the smaller, newer, companies, as they are a limited company.

Stock Edit

Item Image E-Cash Description
Liquid Blade
300 Liquid Blades are famous for having the sharpest blades on the market, due to an advanced carbon fibre material composite. This is commonly used as a Surgeon's scalpel during augmentation operations, but it has been used in less... legitimate ways.
Nano Inject
245 This injector delivers Nano-Bots directly into the brain in 1.28 seconds, travelling through the blood stream. Developed by Amery International.

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