Nexus Solutions is a business located near Aircom, where you can purchase a white HAZMAT Suit, Liquid Blade and a Nano Inject for 1700, 300 and 245 E-Cash respectively. On the first floor there is a waiting area with a sofa and a counter where you can access the shop. Through a door there is another room that has a staircase on one side and a back door that leads into an alley.

Up the stairway there is another sofa, a surgical room with a surgical chair, stretcher, and desk; next to the surgical room there is a door that leads to the roof of Aircom, Neon District Gym and Econo-Smart. On the opposite side of the roof from the door to Nexus is a door that leads to a Hacker hideout, with an old fan, sleeping bag, desk with computer and other miscellaneous supplies.

It's assumed that Nexus Solutions is partnered with or clients of Amery international as they sell the Nano Inject and is where inhabitants of Neon District go to get Amery-developed implants and other augmentations. They may also be a subsidiary of Amery or a larger corporation, and are the vendor for all related technologies and items.


Item Image E-Cash Description
HAZMAT Suit (white) 1700 Vacuum sealed, air conditioned and portable, this suit was one that was built to be worn over long periods of time. Protects against radiation, chemicals, and airborne disease.
Liquid Blade
300 Liquid Blades are famous for having the sharpest blades on the market, due to an advanced carbon fibre material composite. This is commonly used as a Surgeon's scalpel during augmentation operations, but it has been used in less... legitimate ways.
Nano Inject
245 This injector delivers Nano-Bots directly into the brain in 1.28 seconds, travelling through the blood stream. Developed by Amery International.


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