The Neon District Station is located near The Mad Butcher and the spawn area. You'll be able to spot the arch, labeling the station name and flight of stairs going down under the arch. The Neon District Station has two main platforms, one on either side, although only one is accessible.

As soon as you enter the flight of stairs, you'll see 3 Vending Machines and a clean, colorful and brightly lit area. Intercom speakers will be playing a pre-recorded announcement every once in a while, in English and then, in Japanese. The Neon District Station uses light rail transit which connects to Amery Station once you ride the vehicle. The vehicle is supposedly modeled as an RT-355. Two doors to maintenance area (clearly labeled above the doors) are positioned, one next to the ramp and one next to the ticket kiosks. These doors will lead you to Underground Arms and the Curtained Apartments/Slums.

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