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Nebular Firearms

The Nebular Firearms corporation also known as the NFC was founded as a government funded program in the US military. Project Nebular as it was known then was created to create powerful weapons for the military and the perfect race of super humans. Originally the super human project was scraped as it took up large amount of funding and upcoming corporation such as Amery international looked as if they would create what the military had planned before them. The primary goal of the project was now to create powerful and large scale weapons. These weapons including early models of the VEC a gun able to fire up to 1200 rounds per minute. The success ended when the project was closed in December of 2031. This was not the end as an executive simply known as "The Founder" bought the project a month later in January of 2032. From here he built up the project to become an independent company, which continued its development of high power and military grade technology for years to come. Other this period it developed weapons for clients worldwide. These included with the US military, what they had originally been apart of. Many of their weapons have become to widespread they are iconic. These include weapons such as the A1 handgun and the 'BXG' series of rifles and carbines. 

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