National News located in front of Lee's Defense and next to QUiCK. The building is for the Media role and reporter role-players. On the inside there is a desk with a cash register where you can buy multiple items relating to a job involving Interviews etc. Behind the desk are National News newspaper clippings, headlines reading "Amery International opens campus in Neon District", and "Syndicates clash again". One thing to note is that the text below the headlines are in latin, and are not from Lorem Ipsum text. At the bottom of the newspaper article is an advertisement for a cartoon called 'Cyber-Girl'. On the other side of the National News building is a broadcasting set with several cameras and spotlights with an image of the skyline behind the broadcaster's desk.


Item Image E-Cash Description
Cool Camera 8
300 One of the first cameras with 16K resolution and great low like perforamnce. The Cool Camera 8 is great for chasing the truth no matter where it takes you.
True Sound Microphone
300 Capture crisp audio in any evironment, even the pouring rain. Get your word to the people!


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