A crime scene unfolds outside of BE Fashion and Lee's Defense, involving the murder of an Executive during the dark hours of the day, fittingly named 'Murder at Midnight'. The Watch have cordoned off the area, in which are four pieces of evidence the Crime Scene Investigation Unit will presumably use in addition to transcripts of witnesses' questioning to get insight on the crime and potentially find the suspect responsible for the murder. A minor detail about he scene is that City Security have set up small worklights around the site for the CSIU to examine the crime scene with more ease. Evidence pieces 1 and 2 are outlines of figures, most likely drawn from chalk by the City Security based on what the witnesses to the crime recall. Evidence piece #3 is a revolver of unknown origin, almost definitely used by the murderer to assassinate the Executive. Upon closer inspection, it is possible to see faint writing etched into the barrel, presumably the manufacturer of the weapon but just as possibly could be the weapon type or serial. It may be important to note that the revolver is almost identical to The Deputy Special, a gun purchased from Lee's Defense; almost across the street from the crime scene. Moving on to Evidence piece #4, it is a Cup of Noodles from the Noodle Store located in the Night Market, near the entrance of Neon District. It is unknown wether this was in the possession of the Executive or the murderer, but it is important in understanding one of their paths to the ultimate scene of the crime, coming from the Night Market to BE Fashion. If this was the Executive's, they most likely got stealthily ambushed by the assassin on their way to BE Fashion. If this is not the case, it could be a distraction to point the City Security and investigation unit in the wrong direction, letting the culprit escape Neon District freely without the City Security and CSIU's awareness. All examination and retrieval of evidence must be done hastily before it gets washed away from Neon District's relentless rain and the possibility of it being tampered with by Civilians or Neon District News reporters or other Media groups of Neon District.


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