This page is unofficial lore. None of this information is canon to Neon District.

“He’s watching you, he’s watching everything and everyone“ - ??? is an oddity even though when ever he makes a public appearance he poses as a member of the city Authority, no one truly knows how far his reach goes

What we do know however is this

  1. He is part of a very small group of powerful people know as “The Eden’s” and he is related to the leaders of the group
  2. he is the brother of another member “Cain”
  3. He knows the truth behind the redwood apartments
  4. He has eyes and ears everywhere
  5. he‘s even watching you
  6. unlike most executives he is willing to get his hands dirty and regularly goes about the streets without guard‘s, however he is a pacifist by nature, but he can switch that at a moments notice if needed
  7. He is believed by the children of the broom to be the Moses like figure to there religion while his brother is Satan due to his violent nature
  8. He has Major connections to CYPHER and may be working with its leader’s
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