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Also Known As Project-M.

Executives From This Faction Most Likely Branched Into Newer Anti-Watch Organisations.

They Have Been Know For Being Hired As Bodyguards And Hitmen.

Raiding Company’s And Organisations They Do Not Like.

And Securing The Barber Shop All At The Same Time.

They Will Never Hurt Another Member Of Their Organisation Unless Provoked.

They Are Usually Veteran, Trained Officers Who Decided Life Is Boring, Lets Do Something Fun.


The Death Watch: Enemies

The DragonTooth Syndicate: Allies

How They Earn Money

Most Of It From People Hiring Their Mercenaries, Because 20% Of The Income Goes To The Organisation.

They Also Get Extra From The Barber Place.

Ally Benefits

The Organisations Agree To Protect Each Other When Needed And The Ally Agrees To Pay The Mercenaries.



Rules On Hiring

Breaking Roblox Rules Like Asking Where You Live Or Abusing The Soldier Will Give The Soldier Permission To Defy You.

They May Leave If Needed, It Is Out Of Your Power To Stop Them.

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