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Lee's Defense is a store located in front of National News and QUiCK. When you enter there is a counter, where Lee is standing behind a glass partition. The store sells an arrangement of arms. Across from the counter, there are two gun racks with many of the same type. Deeper into the store, there is a shooting range separated by windows and a counter. Inside there are targets on rails attached to the ceiling at different distances from the shooting area. Outside of Lee's Defense, there is a sign with an arrow pointing towards lees. This sign is very similar to the one outside of the Noodle Shop in the Night Market.

Stock Edit

Item Image E-Cash Description
888 Shotguns can be hard to come by, but this will always be a classic, despite it's age.
610 A very common self defence weapon used by all walks of life.
TZR TZR 600 Initially used by the Watch as a method of detaining criminals, the TZR Electronic Shock system has been adopted by many Hackers. It is capable of emitting a strong electronic pulse that causes even the strongest prosthetic and muscle functions to stop.
The Sleeper
1900 A staple of the West Side Fire Dragons, the Sleeper suppressed SMG is a reliable companion loved by assassins due to it's quiet nature.

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