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Lee's Defense is a store located in front of National News and QUiCK. When you enter, there is a counter on the left, where Lee is standing behind a glass partition next to some crates and an empty gun rack. The store sells an arrangement of arms useful for protecting yourself against the abundant crime in Neon District. Many question the legality of the business Lee is running, but no inhabitants of Neon District dare to dispute this for fear the City Authority would get involved. Across from the counter, there are two gun racks with many of the same type.

Farther into the store, there is a shooting range separated by windows and a counter. Inside there are targets highlighted in neon red on rails attached to the ceiling at different distances from the shooting counter. Outside of Lee's Defense, there is a sign with an arrow pointing towards Lees, which is very similar to the one outside of the Noodle Shop in the Night Market.


Item Image E-Cash Description
888 Shotguns can be hard to come by, but this will always be a classic, despite it's age.
610 A very common self defence weapon used by all walks of life.
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 6.29.43 PM.png
2000 Based on an older model from the previous century, the MP-6 is an update on a classic design. Suited for close quarters where mobility and stealth are required, provided by its carbon composite body and integrated suppressor. It is still used by Corporate Security Forces and Syndicate Gangs a like.
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 6.29.25 PM.png
9600 For special situations where a lethal take down of a long distance target is not acceptable, the SN-TRANQ is used. Security Corporations often have a trained non-lethal expert for missions that require extraction of HVTs, but they are very rare.
The Sleeper
1900 A staple of the West Side Fire Dragons, the Sleeper suppressed SMG is a reliable companion loved by assassins due to it's quiet nature.
600 Initially used by the Watch as a method of detaining criminals, the TZR Electronic Shock system has been adopted by many Hackers. It is capable of emitting a strong electronic pulse that causes even the strongest prosthetic and muscle functions to stop.
2400 Based on an older model from the previous century, the MP-6 is an update on a classic design. The MP-6 HAZARD (HZ) version of this weapons design is produced for use in dangerous environmental conditions. It is vucuumed seal for easy decontamination.


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