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Establishment: 2005

Lazarus International is a large mega-corporation centered around the manufacturing of armaments of all types. Established in 2005 after the downfall of numerous corporations in Germany, to an even only known only as: ‘The Divide’. Lazarus shortly after, becoming a powerhouse supplying weapons to all corners of the world. With prices of all ranges to provide for high-quality products. It’s eye for markets reaching to all industries currently readily available and efficient. Lazarus International setting Its eyes on more fields than just that of weapons manufacturing. Having made contracts, deals, business partners across the board: from Amery International, SUIKO Heavy Industries, Phalanx Corporate Security and more, “Only here may you find comfort in knowing that your armaments are made to be of the best quality, of effectivity, and stability” - Early Quote from Eterno Malsato.

The Formation of Lazarus was undergone after three foundational members: Eterno Malsato, Adrian Barachiel, and Thomas Paine joined together to form Lazarus in its early stages. Of course, at the time there were many forms of competition. In its early years, the corporation itself was small and served as a local business for an experiment of sorts. Slowly in 2007, the corporation began moving into the corporate era, the founding members pooling in funds from their respected families and earning the company a place within the country. In 2014 Lazarus International had received international recognition after producing one of its early firearms which was then supplied to the German Government. Thus was the start of the corporation and its success. Many years after having dominated the European and Oceanic stage. In 2035 supplying to the Asian regions, having trouble with the competition with Orion Conglomerate and SUIKO Industries. 

Exponential Growth of the 2030s

During the early 2030s, Lazarus International had received exponential growth in all areas, having already started and built numerous facilities across the region. The public had gotten word of a new deal with what is known and only known as ‘Fenrir’ supposedly a project taken up by Lazarus with many other corporations which had been publicized as subsidiaries. During this era, the start of a facility within the pacific was underway. Meanwhile, a commission from an unidentified government agency asked for the production of an aircraft carrier. Eterno Malsato saw this as an opportunity and by some odd miracle more commissions were now pouring in from companies such as “Halcyon Industries” which were based in England, “Asimov Engineering” in Russia. These companies worked closely with Lazarus and at the end of 2035, the design for the Aircraft Carrier was finalized, in which funds were pooled in to start manufacturing. 

The start of an AI Cortex was also in the view of Lazarus at the time. Selling minor AI’s to smaller security companies and some governmental agencies earning more international recognition. The precise details of this advancement, however, were laid in a mist of misinformation. Rumors spread about the company at this time were most likely caused by rival corporations trying to gain an upper hand. 


Lazarus ‘International’ placed its foot on the international stage during the 2030s in which most of its upbringing occurred. At the end of 2037, approximately 10 main facilities had been constructed globally. Lazarus had gained numerous footholds across Europe, Oceania, and parts of North America. In 2035 Lazarus had joined Pantheon. The details of this Pantheon weren’t disclosed to any sources. And awfully on the year of 2042 founding member Thomas Paine passed away in his sleep from old age, Gunnar Stálvarnir replacing him and joining the Directorate Maxima.

Services: Current Day

Lazarus International has branched off into more than just arms manufacturing. In fact, it has spread to mining, the heavy industries, luxury vehicles, cyberware etc. It is one of the leading corporations in Arms Manufacturing. The corporation has spread its will and vigor across all sections it holds control over. In 2037, the corporation expanded to North America’s Neon District with partial control of its market. It didn’t fully incorporate North America’s until the year 2042. It currently serves numerous corporations and has become a staple in high-end weapons, vehicles, and all things corporate. Developing the future as always, Lazarus International.   


Consumer Goods and Services

The consumer market, although never before pursued by Lazarus, has become one of its priority markets to expand in. Lazarus' presence in the consumer markets includes extensive research and manufacturing for cybernetics and body modification technology, which delves in the fields of wetware, bioware, nanoware, geneware, cyberware, and chemware. For wetware and cyberware, Lazarus has been developing cybernetic implants for use in the brain, this eventually developing into utilizing the brain as a central mainframe for modification by consumers. Genetic, nanoware, and bioware products are of special note to Lazarus, as they wish to formulate effective and viable products to apply on military and security personnel, as well as advancing in biological weaponry and medical improvements for civilian and military usage. Lazarus has also been working in developing consumer electronics for a long time with its subsidiaries. Lazarus products in this market include home security systems, cybersecurity software, personal computers, and audio systems.

Heavy Industry 

Lazarus Research and Development Logo

Heavy Industry is a staple of Lazarus. One of Lazarus’ main accomplishments in this field is its ability to self-sufficiently develop its own machinery, industrial technology, material design, and architectural projects. Today, Lazarus heavy industry operations have expanded themselves further than ever seen before, covering a larger area of the market than any point in its past, seating itself as a world leader in the metallurgical and steelwork markets, with Lazarus shipping billions of E-cash worth of aluminium and steel-based products. Its expansive state of the art industrial complexes support advanced research facilities on metallurgical research finding itself innovating in the designing and production of new alloys and composite technology. Lazarus is heavily active in the energy production market, acting as one of Europe’s biggest energy producers all while possessing a great deal of research on the development of nuclear and hydrogen reactors, as well as spearheading in the employment and research of renewable energies that are both effective and cheap. This large focus on renewable energies has left Lazarus with owning massive solar farms, geothermal energy plants, and nuclear and hydrogen plants. Lazarus’ extensive heavy industry research and development have also given way to the breakthrough development of carbon nanotube manufacture at scale, which works in tandem with the development of the finest solar panel designs available on the market. Lazarus holds among the biggest numbers of patents for components and designs for nuclear and hydrogen fission reactors, and currently finds itself developing technology fusion power.

Other Lazarus products from the heavy industry division include areas like construction with Lazarus owning a plethora of construction agglomerates of all sizes dotting the world. Lazarus, being an expert in macro-construction and the design of large structures like arcologies and even entire cities, a prime example of which is the Abdicator Facility, which serves as the headquarters of the company, located within the outskirts of Berlin. Lazarus is also active in the machine construction field. From precision tools, laser mills, micro-factory components, machine design, advanced industrial robotics for mining, manufacturing and extraction, electric and combustion engines, naval architecture and construction, and automobile manufacturing. Lazarus’ professional involvement in naval architecture and construction of submarines, flightships, cargo ships and more, leaves Lazarus being known across both the civilian and military naval industry.

Lazarus Interests and Products 

Lazarus Security Department Logo

Under both past and present directorate oversight, Lazarus has acted upon many opportunities, expanding Lazarus widely and heightenings its power to never before seen extremes. Bringing with them a new era of growth and prestige never before seen in its history. Lazarus’ dominance over military manufacturing gave a great deal of financial power and general development, which Lazarus invested into areas of heavy industry, automotives, chemicals, consumer goods, and medicines, with the corporation laying an eternal hegemony onto the world like the empires of old did, placing its key assets in places of interest, and perpetuating it through all means. It is the daring truth that Lazarus has transcended from a notable military corporation into an all-powerful megacorporation.


Lazarus has discreetly expanded into the financial markets, pushing its expansive collection of services and brands into most of the financial capitals of the world forming an economic heart that pumps Lazarus with extreme leverage over corporations and countries alike. Lazarus’ financial division is largely utilized for said purposes, handing loans and indebting companies and governments into submission creating a range of puppets who act in direct favour for the company. Of course, the financial division is not only relegated to conspiracy alone with universal banking, brokerage services, investment management, retail banking, insurance, reinsurance, financial advice and a virtual infinity of other services being provided. The company possesses a large amount of power in the financial capitals of Europe being omnipresent in the European

Lazarus Technical Support Logo

market, and it projects this influence onto the third world, specifically areas like Africa, the Middle East and to a degree South America, although this projection dwindles the more you stray away from these areas. Lazarus has placed heavy investment to claim a foothold in Asia and North America, with Nippon Credit & Trust competing against the likes of Senshin Financial. But with the aid of SUIKO Industries, Lazarus plans to ease its march towards victory. Meanwhile, in North America the Imperia Banking Corporation competes in a long-winded clash against S&S Banking and EconoSmart, all three forming a free-for-all that has resulted in several covert operations against one another, though the cold relations seem to not be heating, though, with the arrival of the British Sentinel EcoSys on the side of Imperia, one may see that change.


Leading in the mining and raw materials market, Lazarus continues to strive for control over the world’s resources, extending itself like a web, feeding the bank accounts of politicians and influential people alike, to maintain a continuous state of supremacy over the world’s logistics. Lazarus maintains highly advanced facilities that operate as massive mining megastructures designed by Asimov Engineering and Paine Robotics. These mining and extraction facilities dot the world with facilities being found in Siberia, Southern and Central Africa, South America, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic, Oceania and Europe. The utilization of corporate warfare and intricate economic and political conspiracies have maintained Lazarus at the helm of this industry, permitting the company to continuously supply the Antireal and hold more power. Lazarus is currently competing aggressively to take over the oil fields of the Middle East and tumble down the West African energy conglomerates so that it can take their place. The company has also joined forces with SUIKO to begin planning expansions into the South China Sea and surrounding regions. The application of advanced recycling techniques have aided Lazarus and its cohorts to develop a near entirely circular economy. This has effectively exploited the absolute maximum potential of all resources it can obtain, especially in areas of interest such as the Rhurgeibt, London, Moscow and the Congo.


Along with prior markets, Lazarus has stridden into and expanded in the agricultural market. Through the ownership and renting of large expanses of real estate, where employees live, work and operate from, Lazarus has found a massive interest in becoming totally and completely self-sufficient. Lazarus employees get a planned diet composed of products made by Lazarus itself which vary in nutrition, this is largely done in order to keep your average employee from becoming obese or gaining health problems due to food consumption, and limiting profits that could possibly go to other corporations. Still, food products made by Lazarus do reach consumer markets mainly through Lazarus’ Solaris Global Brands which owns a plethora of restaurant chains and brands, as well as the Besseres Leben chain of mega-markets which largely promote these products to your average consumer outside of the company.

Entrance into Japan: Providence

Lazarus International is a mega-corporation based in Germany and Central Europe. It has become one of the largest conglomerates to have set their mark on the world. So far leading in Central Europe and expanding its range to North America and Asia. Having conquered the Oceanic Territories and most of Europe, its eminence is known across the board: founded in Berlin in 2005 by Eterno Malsato, Adrian Barachiel, and Thomas Paine. All of Noble Families guaranteed the success of the organization from the very beginning. Capitalizing on weapons manufacturing and heavy industry, it has supplied the war economy in the dark. As a result, conflicts set upon foreign territories with Lazarus' armaments for utter destruction, the reaping of life,  though not without any consequence. It has set its sights on Asia, and with the inclusion of peculiar alliances, three towers have set themselves a marker for their influence to reap the benefit of the vastly different cultures of Asia.

Lazarus' Towers of Providence resides in the megacity of Tokyo, in Ward Marunouchi, directly facing away from the Imperial Palace and out into the large expanse of Tokyo and the neighboring districts. It is a staple of strength and influence which is ever prevalent in the megacity abundant with corpos of all kinds. The Towers of Providence lay upon an octagonal base structure with glass windows to provide for a large interior. Each tower stands at approximately 530m in height measured from the base: tall enough to surpass many buildings surrounding the area, but also providing for a heightened image of the conglomerate. Built in conjunction with Suiko Ōbayashi, the Towers of Providence is a tell-tale sign of Suiko and Lazarus' wealthy and productive partnership. With careful detail within the construction, each tower stands on a vast array of shock absorbers with their skeletons composed of resilient and metal alloys which make up a larger mega skeleton to absorb the motion and stress upon the building. This carefully engineered system by the Suiko Ōbayashi division ensures the Providence Towers strength and resilience during an earthquake. With the implementation of Lazarus' defensive grid, the land surrounding the tower, 6 miles in radius is guarded by Lazarus' Security Department, though not fully equipped is sufficient enough to secure any threats that may enter.

The materials used to build the towering skyscrapers are of the finest, well-engineered and developed materials in construction, fortifying the image of a bulwark and brutalist in nature shows a clear mark for the corporation's entrance into the Asian Territories. Though without a doubt, this mark is a declaration for war and will spark many conflicts in the corporate world: competition striving for better products, though vulpine in nature the viridescent sky of Japan will be the ultimate decider.

Text Roleplay

North American Stronghold: The Spire District

Spire District.jpg


The Spire District a neighbor of Neon District, constructed from the ashes of a previous ruined city stands as the cradle for hope, peace, and prosperity within North America, or as some might think. Towering over the center of the district is the Donar Tree, a large spire constructed as a symbol of the prosperity and the grand entrance of entities such as Lazarus into North America. Spire district resides autonomously from any governing entities.

The district proper is separated into a number of distinct sectors. The outer edges of Spire consist of farming grounds, known as the Agricultural Sector. Following that, seamlessly blending into the next sector: the Residential Hub. This sector is used to house the workers and residents of Spire that are of the middle class and lower. Some executive-classed citizens live here, only for the views that it holds of the agricultural sector. Following that, a small sector resides in between an industrial / commercial sector, this is known as the Cathedral Ward.

This sector is used for religious purposes, mainly Catholicism which is prevalent amongst the corporations inhabiting Spire district, especially Lazarus International. After the Cathedral Ward lies Spire's Commercial / Industrial sector. It ranges from heavy industry, civilian / commercial, military, and a number of others. It stands as the main economical hub within this district under close watch of the following sector above it.

The Capital sector is where Spire holds it's governing council and executive class. This area is home to the most luxurious of buildings, parks, and a other everyday locations. It sits above the Commercial / Industrial sector, overlooking the common works of corporate down below. This sector is quite small, and surrounds the Donar Tree.

Finally, the out of bounds area which is the Donar Tree. Home to the headquarters of the main corporations that built the district. Not much is known of what goes on within the tower as it is walled off from the rest of the district, and only corporate employees or select guests may enter. What the district is named after is the spire that is the Donar Tree, residing in the center of the entire district and having the district blossom around it. The 2,296 foot tall Spire is an utterly grand display of the greatest architectural and construction ideas and techniques combined into a unique structure. With it flowering out from the top like a mushroom cap. Symbolically protecting the land below it and acting as a bizarre and eye catching view for all those in, and outside the district.

The Defensive Grid

Not much is known about the full extent of Spire's defensive grid. The common citizens however, have seen the display of force radiating through the sky whenever a threat is near. Spire's aerial defense is referred to as an Iron Dome, it is said that the sky is lit up with rays of light, spanning across the district and beyond. This is the work of Lazarus' International's LADS (Laser Aerial Defense System) known only as Longinus. Paired with that, it seems a number of AA batteries and SAM sites are located throughout the district.

Spire District Checkpoints.png

Policing within Spire has separated from the normal Law Enforcement used within the city. Since the district itself is autonomous, it employs it's own law enforcement which has jurisdiction over all sectors. Normally seen roaming through the streets of the suburbs (residential sector) enforcing what little law was passed on by the council within the capital. As you pass through each sector, heading towards the Donar Tree, the presence of corporate security is heavily intensified. The logo seen on their uniforms shows the name: IX Corps, which is the primary para-military force residing in Spire as it's defense. High presence of IX Corps resides in: The Outer Wall, Industrial, Capital, and Donar Tree.

The structuring of the district in itself is also part of the defensive grid. The outer wall that spans the entirety of the district stands at 150 feet, which prevents easy access to the district proper. Surrounding the Industrial and Capital stands a secondary wall, which is around 12 feet, albeit with gates to provide easy access when in normal conditions.

All checkpoints into Spire include x-ray scanning of baggage and vehicles, and a large array of guards including drug dogs. Declaration of weapons such as bladed and blunt weapons, and firearms, must be made. If firearms fit firearm law criteria they are allowed into the district. Bladed and blunt weapons have no restrictions to them. Declaration of weapons is necessary for transparency and smoothness of checkpoint procedure.

Locations of Interest

Cathedral Ward: The Cathedral Ward is a sector within Spire that provides shelter and safety to several different religions. One main attraction may be the Grand Cathedral, a place for Catholic Worship. There are other temples and religious sites within the ward but are more secluded and humble.

Lesser Spires: The Grand Spire, known as The Donar Tree, has some lesser structures dedicated to expressing the magnificence of Spire's architecture from above. There are a total of 7 of these lesser Spires throughout all the sectors, each with varying heights and designs. You may be able to visit 3/7 without any RP Requirements. 1 of the three Lesser Spire's that may be entered can be found in the Cradle. Another resides in the Industrial Sector, and one within the Agricultural Sector. All of the currently accessible Spire's are on the South-Eastern block.

The Cradle: Residing in between the Industrial and Residential Sectors lies The Cradle. This area is a large park, with several different gardens and agricultural sites dedicated to the leisure of residents and corporate employees. A lesser spire is located here and is the smallest of the Seven lesser spires. You may find several interactions and lore within this area.

The Grand Stellaris: Within the Residential sector lies The Grand Stellaris, the shopping centre for all residents and guests of Spire. It houses the majority of unique stores, providing goods and services to all citizens within the area.

Farewell Bay: This portion of Spire touches the seas, the great expanse of the ocean ever-present for the people of this district. The bay offers several tourist attractions, such as a pier that shows the grandness of the Pacific / Atlantic whilst providing for the excitement of carnival rides and more. Local tours often promote the use of this bay as a final farewell to tourists if ever they plan to leave via cruise ship. This area has several interactions and lore that may be found whilst rping and exploring the area.

The Sewers: Upon arriving at Spire District, your character/s find notes scattered around one of the entrances. They are of supposed disappearances. Investigate for further information.

Forgotten Ruins: This area is the remnants of a much more ancient district that existed before Spire. Records of its past and people are held within Spire's Capital Library. Not much is known of this place. Many steer clear and head in the other direction due to rumours of demons, mythical beasts, and monsters. These rumours have gained no merit but are nevertheless prevalent amongst common beliefs. The few who have dared to enter come out with stories of a hollow and bleak overgrown city.

Spire District Sectors

The Gateways

The Entrances to Spire District are called gateways. There are 4 gateways into Spire: they reside on the southern, northern, eastern, and western sides of Spire's wall. Each gateway is referred to as a Gate. These are connected to other districts or the outside via a highway or subway. Each of the gates holds some of the highest security outside of the Capital and The Donar Tree. To enter through a gate: either through highway, subway, or sea, one must abide by the rigorous security checks on their person and belongings. Highways slowly narrow down and break into roads as they travel deeper into the district. Subways connect all parts of the region except the agricultural sector.


Southern Gate: This gate stands as the primary method of entry for many citizens into the Spire District. It is the single-most heavily defended gate due to its proximity to other densely populated regions. Highways and the main inter-district train line travel via Southern to reach the district proper.

Eastern Gate: This gate is the secondary entrance into Spire, connected by a highway and an inter-district subway station like the southern gate. Although the subway station is significantly smaller in proportion to other stations within the region.

Northern Gate: This gate is the naval entrance into Spire, holding a mainland gate that filters the entrants who land on the Farewell Bay from ships. Security vessels are often seen in the waters patrolling and doing random checks on vessels.

Western Gate: This gate is another secondary entrance into Spire, connected by a highway and an inter-district subway station like the southern gate. Due to its purpose of connecting Spire to the territories outside the mega-city, traffic is less prominent at this gate. The train's and highways located here are also used for citizens to travel inter-city.

Agricultural Sector

Overhead Highways.png

The Agricultural Sector spans over large amounts of land around the district. It holds several farms, small forests and parks, moreover it is widely used by citizens for hikes and leisurely activities. The sector resides directly adjacent to the Outer Wall. It is home to many hard-working farmers who provide local and fresh products to support Spire. The exterior farms are located outside of the walls and are minimally protected. The interior farms are far safer than those outside as security can navigate more freely within the walls. There are only a handful of well-maintained roads in this sector since each gateway holds small overhead highways leading directly to the Residential Areas. The overhead roads are due to the lower elevation of terrain in some areas, which affected the direct route to Residential. One road extends from the off-ramp at the Residential's exit. This road leads to one of the Seven Lesser Spires. One half of the Agricultural Sector is composed of the ruins of a forgotten district. The remains of a time long past. One of the many Relics within Spire, though rumours of mythical beasts, demons, and monsters circulate amongst the population. The resulting fear of the ruins has led many to steer clear of it along their journeys. Few have made it past the ruin's old walls. Nonetheless, there are always some daring few who have told many of the wonders of a forgotten world.

Residential Sector

  • Residential Sector.png
    Home to most hard-working citizens, the Residential Sector offers the most suburban out of each region. The localisation of stores and the many necessities were bound to draw the attention of many citizens. As a result, residential has become the most densely populated sector out of them all. Many buildings on the Western Side of Spire are still vacant, merely waiting for the population to fill up this area, introducing a more lively community to the West. Near the Northern of Residential lies the Grand Stellaris, a mega-mall containing the luxurious needs and accommodations for the residents and travellers, a key location for any tourist or resident-to-be. Be wary, as crime is never tolerated in such a sector. Corporate law enforcement frequently patrols and surveys the citizens to ensure their safety, and yours.

Cathedral Ward

The cathedral ward is a sub-sector that sits in between Residential and Agricultural. It provides shelter and safety to various different religions. One main attraction may be the Grand Cathedral at the centre, a place for Catholic Worship. In addition, there are varying amounts of religious sites within the ward however stand more secluded and humble. It is fenced off from the two sectors but isn't secluded in any form the Grand Cathedral is, in fact, towering over the two sectors as a significant landmark.

Industrial Sector Heights.png

Industrial Sector

The economic powerhouse of Spire-District. This industrial sector serves as the commercial hub for all residents, corporations, and entrepreneurs. Certain corporate outlets can only be found here, though their dealings with citizens are always targeted to maximise profits. Whatever you wish to find may likely be sitting somewhere amongst the industrial giants.

The Capital Sector

Capital Sector.png

A capital of smoke and mirrors. The executives that live in this sector prefer their own pleasurable experience and business over anything else. The red carpet, where the wealthy flaunt their material desires: in the form of objects, people, ideas, and relationships. Some may even go as far as to say that it is abundant in excess. Countless corporate giants place their pieces carefully along with the thorns of wealth, ensuring that they stand only as roses among the bush. The seeds of every sin accountable lie solidly in the abundance of excess. Tread carefully, for the prying eyes of demons and monsters are cradled under the Donar. Only certain citizens are allowed to enter the grounds of the capital: Corporate Employees, High-Class Residents, and the working members of businesses in sector.

The Donar Tree

The Donar Tree.png

The tree which bore fruit from destruction is as majestic as the heaves itself. The Donar Tree stands as both the shade and light of Spire District. A monument erected upon the ruins of decades of suffering, a sacrifice that brought upon the fruits of splendor. It is the home to the playwrights whose words spread like gospel to an unwavering audience. Yet even then, its majesty is comparable to that of Babylon. Except for in the name of God whose world crumbles under the foot of man, juxtaposed under decrees of suffering and triumphant victory. Both fanfare and call to arms, a paradoxical spire.

Current Allies and Partnerships

  1. The, Co.
  2. Corporate Hand
  3. Seijuro Corporation
  4. SUIKO Industries

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