The Kingdom Of The Plague

This page is unofficial lore. None of this information is canon to Neon District.
The Kingdom Of The Plague, More Likely Know To The Death Watch As “Dark Death” It Is Classified As Large Threat Due To It Stealing Souls Through Their Needles, Quickly Killing The Person And Stealing Their Soul, It Is A Myth Though, Hard To Find, Luckily, They Don't Kill In Public Places, But They Will Still Find You And Kill You When Your Not In A Public Place.

They Previously Were Contained In A Old Containment Facility, One That The Government Has No Access To This Facility, [REDACTED] Broke Them Out, That Is Why They See [REDACTED] As A God.

If They Are Nearby, And Are Targeting YOU Specifically Then You Will Hear The Words In Your Head “You Are A Slave” And “We Are Here“ And “Don’t Be Afraid, We Are The Cure” It Was Very Slow In Their Old Body’s, But They Possessed Cyborgs And Robots, They Had Energy From Their Souls, Causing Them To Morph Into Anything Of Their Choice For A Long Period Of Time, Taking A Small Period Of Time To Re Charge.

They Also Had Regenerating Soul Power, Meaning They Could Regen In Any Possessed Body.

Even The Death Watch Admirals Are Scared Of The Dark Death.

The Death Watch Is Researching About These Entitys, Our Scientists Think That [REDACTED] Created All The Plague Doctors Because The DNA In The Old Bodies Are Very Similar To [REDACTED].

The More Important Souls Are Referenced As Demonic, Like A Demon Wait What If... Never Mind.

They Are Masters In Manipulation.

They Escaped In 15/12/19 And Started Claiming Souls In 17/12/19 As By Then They Always Haunt Neon District.

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(Note, This Is IDs For Hats, Do Not Call The Numbers, Copy The IDs And Paste Them In Game For The Costume).

Shirt: 434363246

Pants: 434362066

Mask: 3806345275

Hood: 3850687401

Hat: 3806382635

Plague Doctors Code

If You Are Being Chased Run Into A Dead End And Before They Can See You, Leave. 

Use Nano Inject Because It Is Like A Needle.  

Team Is Wonderer.  

Name Yourself Your Group Rank, Nothing Else.  

You May Talk To Members (Slaves+) Freely, You Sould Only Talk To Other Factions And Non Members When Your Explaining, Directed By A Hr Or There Is Special Event.  

note: I no longer use this because I see how cringe I am now  

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