The Shiguto Wiki caters to all projects, creations, and lore in the Shiguto Universe; The more prominent being Neon District, Neon Market, and Zaibatsu when released. Anyone can contribute to this Wiki, and 14 Patrons have contributed to this wiki. You're augmentation of the Wiki can be anything from the Locations, Roles, or even the NPC; and that isn't even the start of it. We also support user factions, so feel free to update their pages with the latest news. If you need any help, contact one of our administrators on our public discord server.

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"Commonly CEOs or leading employees of the Corporations that fund The Watch, Executives fund The Watch and its operations in return for the The Watch to show favouritism in its protection of Corporate assets and the safety of Executives. While The Watch may view Executives as snobbish or arrogant, they still begrudgingly provide services for Executives and tend to leave them alone. This, of course, doesn't completely prevent The Watch or individual honest Security Officers to put their foot down in the case that the Executives are committing acts, especially if the Executives are committing blatant or heinous acts." The Watch



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