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The Shiguto Wiki caters to all projects, creations, and lore in the games created by Shiguto. This Wikia is free for anyone with an account to edit, and 5 Patrons are currently actively contributing to this wiki. Any of your contributions to the Wikia are greatly appreciated, and feel free to browse any of our content from Locations, Roles, Episodes, and much more. We also support user factions, so feel free to update their pages with the latest news and lore. If you need any help, contact one of our administrators on our public discord server.
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The year is 2042. Earth, a once beautiful and prosperous land, has now fallen into a state of constant contamination and corruption. Huge advancements in biotechnology and economic disparity on an unrivaled scale has seen Governments break down into simple puppets for mega Corporations.
With this wealth and power, Corporations were able to build an endless urban sprawl - turning every metropolis into a concrete jungle. This uncontrolled growth has caused many major cities to develop vast networks of unregulated slums.
Overpopulated, polluted, and crime ridden - these places became known to be the most hazardous places to live on the planet. The most infamous of these slums was a hotspot for hackers, crime syndicates, and tech conglomerates. The Corporations refer to it as the biggest black market in human history.
The locals call it...
Neon District.
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