Hackers are individuals or small groups that hack Neon District and other places and are experts at programming. They supposedly base their operations right under your feet, deep in the long-forgotten basements many levels below the surface. While the Watch refuses to intervene with the syndicates due to fear of mass destruction with little fruition, they generally avoid going out of their way persecuting hackers due to the sheer number and discretion of the latter.

These computer jockeys are responsible for cyberspace attacks. Many spent childhood with a keyboard in hand, and learned the ways of cyberspace before they became teenagers.

Most of them wear generalized clothing that is not different from a normal citizens of the neon district. They do tend to carry lower caliber, cheap weapons with many being against physical battles and preferring to fight in the digital world.

One of the largest collectives of hackers is the faction CYPHER.


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