The HSR-IV is a ingame piece of armor used primarily by WATCH. The item can be purchased at the locker room in the Watch Precinct for 2500 E-Cash. According to the ingame description, the HSR-IV is formed of a carbon/steel composite material and also can display live information about crowd formations in real time. Adding onto that, "HSR" stands for "Heavy Special Response", implying it is only used in situations where maximum protection is required ie. armed raids, high risk situations, hostage situations, etc.

The helmet contains a digital AR interface that can identify people, allowing for portable mass surveillance. The helmet's visuals are broadcasted through four sensors that run vertically down the front of the helmet. The short antennae on the side implies that there is also a built-in communications system. Despite being heavily armoured, there is no protection for the limbs, leaving them open to attack. Additionally, the helmet could be jammed or compromised, though doing so remotely is nothing short of impossible.

The chest plate of the kit contains 9 plates on the front side and 6 on the rear side based on an alloy of steel and manganese with an external and internal coating created from carbon fiber fabric, as well as Nomex fibers. The inner soft layer has an increased thickness relative to the outer one centimeter in order to increase the damping force. The total weight of the protective kit without additional equipment is 14.3 Kg.*

  • Unconfirmed.

Additional Details

  • The Heavy Special Response 4 was developed by scientists most likely after being contracted to.
  • The 4 in the name probably infers that there were 3 predecessors to the HSR-IV.
  • The HSR-IV was developed only for high-risk situations contrary to the belief that it was mass-produced and to be used commonly by new players.
  • The armor rating estimate of most community members is an NIJ Level III, able to stop up to 15 millimeter projectiles.



Exhibit A : The text on the right side of the helmet. It reads : 海 坊 主 or "Naval Defense Commander" in Japanese. Chinese translation bears similar meaning, due to sharing similar characters between Chinese and Japanese.

Exhibit B : The Blurred text on the pack of the HSR-IV, it is currently too blurred to be translated, but the top text shows similarities to "Police" in Japanese, whilst the bottom text seems to read "Police" in English.

HSR-IV Description
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