The hazmat suit is an item in Neon District. It is classified as a protective gear item and costs 1700 E-Cash.


The Hazmat suit is an item when equipped, changes the player’s game experience by a considerable amount. The item takes 2.25 seconds to equip. Upon completion, a zip sound will be heard.


The Hazmat Suit muffles all sounds that the player hears and produces a heavy, gas mask-like breathing effect when worn. The player‘s clothing changes into a Hazmat suit print with a control panel on the chest and a plastic helmet with a semi-transparent visor.

The Suit also has a light that can be toggled by pressing the light HUD that appears when equipped.

The item's equipment sequences are similar to the HSR-IV Armor set.

The amount of protection it provides against the EKO virus is unknown.

Item Variations

White Hazmat Suit

The white Hazmat suit is found at Nexus Solutions limited and costs 1700 E-Cash. It turns the user‘s clothing white with protective printing and has the clearest visor of the three.

Yellow Hazmat Suit

The yellow Hazmat suit can be found at the Amery International HQ and costs 1700 E-Cash. It turns the user’s clothing yellow with hazard stripes and padding and has a semi obscured visor.

This is the most visible Hazmat suit.

Orange Hazmat Suit

This suit is also found at the Amery International HQ and also costs 1700 E-Cash. It has a semi-transparent visor that is the most obscured of the three.


  • The Hazmat suit can be worn with HSR-IV armor equipped simultaniously.
  • The suit, surprisingly enough, prevents infection status while worn, unless the player is already infected.
  • The suit is useful for dealing with the constant rain if the player finds that annoying,
  • The Suit resembles a Class-A type Hazardous Materials Suit that filters all airborne and solid toxins and foregin particles. It resembles a lab suit the closest and not a field suit.
  • The Suit slows the player by 1.25 studs when worn
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