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Gruppe Sech Corporate Security was founded by former security guard - Isaac Hertz in Los Angeles, California on November 16th, 2020. Gruppe Sech started as a very minor armed courier service for select banks.


As the company grew larger and improved its revenue, Gruppe Sech started selling high-tech security hardware like cameras and alarm systems, to mostly commercial, but also residential and industrial markets. The Company expanded all over North America and are in partnership with several banks around the United States. Mainly working for them as primary money couriers, and providing security for their facilities. With the expansion over the years, Gruppe Sech has made operating bases around many major cities across the United States, and has some manufacturing depots across the U.S as well. With the expansion of the company, Gruppe Sech started to provide armed response for customers as well as notification of law enforcement, to ensure that the customer's security is never compromised.

Neon District

The company expanded into ND by 2025 and started providing security for big companies and executives, as well as their property. In the current day, Gruppe Sech has made contracts with many companies with retail, scientific, and even medical focuses. They also have been looking into international opportunities and have already begun development in Germany. They also have been looking into expanding into the UK, France, even parts of Asia.


The V-SA6 "Intruder"


In the aftermath of Operation Vault and Operation Swift Dawn, Gruppe Sech Corporate Security called for a more durable and offense-capable VTOL dropship, which they would later call The Intruder. The reason for this development was because of the high loss of personnel at Operation Vault. In order to efficiently save lives, and profits for that matter, this aircraft began development immediately after these operations.

The product would be a Heavy VTOL type aircraft for carrying personnel efficiently and in high numbers. It would also need to be very versatile and quick for any situation that G6 needed. The designation of Heavy VTOL comes from the fact that it is heavily armed with machine guns, missile launchers, and heavy armor. It is capable of deploying ziplines so that the personnel can land on the ground while the VTOL remains in the air. The Intruder has a large 30mm (Standard) chin-mounted autocannon, and its wings can change from acting as control surfaces that aid in forward flight to landing struts while hovering or in preparation for landing. The pilot sits in a forward position in the cockpit, isolated from the cargo hold. The co-pilot sits in the cargo hold area so that they can provide a quick mission briefing for the personnel, as well as providing fire support if the situation arises. The cargo hold itself is large with ample space for about 18 - 20 (not including supplies or the pilots) and the seats in the hold fold up to the wall in the case of transporting cargo.

The cockpit, which incorporates four Multi-function displays (MFDs, compatible with night-vision goggles) and one shared Central Display Unit (CDU), to display various images including: digimaps, imagery from the Turreted Forward Looking Infrared System primary flight instruments, navigation (TACAN, VOR, ILS, GPS, INS), and system status.

There are more Development projects available on the Gruppe Sech Discord

Security Systems

The R-5DM


These systems specialize in contacting the authorities if you have a security breach, and you aren’t available to contact them yourself. They are very useful for business owners that want complete coverage in their very busy lives. This is no ordinary response system, the process has been improved and overhauled for unmatchable response times and specific instructions to your responders that will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of espionage or theft.

First, any triggered sensors or cameras will immediately alert your alarm mainframe. Usually, the mainframe will wait between fifteen and thirty seconds before sending a notification to the alarm company, giving you time to disarm the system if you accidentally tripped it. Though these parameters can be modified. A dispatch operator will then be notified.

When the monitoring center receives an alert, an operator will then respond based on your custom protocol. In some situations we will first try to contact any corporate staff on the property to confirm there’s an emergency. Other times we will contact the authorities, or send a Gruppe Sech Armed Response (GSAR) and contact the staff at the same time.

From there, you can either have a peace officer come, which can have varying results or you can upgrade. if you decide to upgrade your system to contact the Gruppe Sech Armed Response (GSAR) units. These units are highly trained security personnel, and will make sure to keep your business safe in the event of an emergency.

This system gives you a perfect opportunity to customize and set your personalized system to however it suits your needs best. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep the future of your business secure.

There are more products available on the Gruppe Sech Discord

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