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GRUPPIROVKA-19 (GRUP-19, or GRUP) is a Russian-based private military, intelligence and policing agency currently focused on peacekeeping within Neon District. 

GRUP-19 was founded in 2021, as a private agency operating as a Russian government proxy in order to conduct "dirty" operations without repercussions against the government. GRUP started out in a small office in the Kremlin, and soon grew into one of the largest private military companies in the world, thanks to their successful operations in many conflict zones. They soon began taking over the tasks of other Russian groups, including the Foreign Intelligence Serivce (SVR). In 2034, the Russian government made GRUP-19 an official "proxy" government agency. GRUP not only had the money and resources to do whatever they wanted with impunity, they had backing from the Russian government, albeit ambiguously. 

The Neon District government (And several corporations) contracted GRUP for "peacekeeping" in 2037. The volatile stability in the Neon District, and the strained resources of The Watch, were of great discomfort to the Executives and Syndicates within the District. Several popular resistance movements were protesting openly in public. Journalists were exposing corruption all over the government and corporations.

GRUP-19 troops entered the Neon District on October 7, 2037, where the heads of the District's government, as well as the Chief of The Watch and several corporate executives, met with GRUP-19 commander Mikhail Podgorny. Despite a previous promise that his men would be under The Watch's command, Podgorny informed the District's power players bluntly that GRUP would operate at their own discretion. 

GRUP-19 officers and agents were soon integrated alongside members of The Watch. Initially, their presence was met with approval by the Executives, who saw the veteran GRUP officers and agents as both reliable and efficient. 

Unfortunately for the Executives and Syndicates, many GRUP officers could not be bribed. Tensions mounted between GRUP-19 and the District government/corporations as GRUP-19 officers and agents began arresting anyone that violated the law, including prominent corporation members engaged in corruption. Despite the Watch's efforts to dissuade such arrests, GRUP began using its own funds to put the Watch on a small but substantial bankroll. Judges that were blackmailed or paid by Executives soon found protection and a larger bankroll with GRUP. Sentences became much harsher for most penalties.

The lower classes of the Neon District initially applauded GRUP-19's seemingly changing allegiances, but they soon realized that they were just as brutal as the Watch, if not worse. While the Watch was corrupt, they at least had some oversight, as long as corporations never funded them. GRUP had no oversight whatsoever, apart from the distant Russian government, who often ignored GRUP's actions due to the Russian government's stance against interference in foreign affairs.

Hundreds of citizens disappeared in a string of arrests in the name of "public security". Dozens more went missing or were executed by GRUP-19's "search and protect" squads, a euphemism for the covert death squads that served as judge, jury, and executioner. Things came to a head when a top Executive was beaten and arrested by GRUP officers in broad daylight. Watch officers that were at the scene decided to turn a blind eye. The incident was a blatant demonstration of GRUP-19's power in the District. 

As an undercover news blogger said soon after the incident, "Three senses ran the status quo: The Executives were the eyes, the Watch was the hand, and the Syndicate was the nose. Now, it seems that GRUP-19 has taken all three."


GRUP-19 is a private military, intelligence, and policing company. GRUP-19 engages in a wide variety of activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Police duty
  • Bodyguard duty
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Surveillance
  • Suppression/tracking down underground groups for arrest/termination.
  • "Extrajudicial suppression" (i.e. death squads)

Relations with other factions

As an authoritarian, harsh peacekeeping body, GRUP-19 isn't viewed as the most friendly faction in the Neon District. After GRUP's blatant demonstration of force against a top corporate Executive, GRUP has attempted to return to friendly terms with the Executives, but relations have been chilly at best.

GRUP-19 is viewed with contempt by anarchist groups such as CYPHER, as GRUP's ideology and tactics are the polar opposite of their views. GRUP has often engaged in combat against such groups. Since GRUP has their own autonomous judicial system, most people who are arrested by GRUP who are members of rebellious groups are usually executed.

GRUP-19's relations with criminal organizations is chilly at best, hostile at worst. In order to preserve stability within the public, GRUP officials often overlook mild infractions committed by Syndicate members, but that is often interrupted by an arrest sting.

The Watch is viewed to some extent as a puppet for GRUP-19, with Watchmen often contracted by GRUP for various tasks, such as "legal observation", in which a Watchman is deployed with a GRUP squad to give the appearance of legality for GRUP's actions. Watchmen typically view GRUP-19 with a mixture of rivalry, pessimism, and contempt, but those same Watchmen often change their attitudes once money begins filling their pockets.

To the common man of the District, GRUP-19 is just another harsh, uncaring police force on the block. The average citizen does approve GRUP for their harsh actions against corrupt Executives, but that attitude often changes when a GRUP squad kicks down their door in the middle of the night for "verbal dissent".


GRUP-19 uses weapons mainly manufactured in Russia, but GRUP-19 often has undercover operatives, and thus has a wide variety of weaponry.

The majority of GRUP-19 soldiers are equipped with a Makarov PM sidearm and an AK-74 automatic rifle. Despite the demand for standardization within GRUP-19's weaponry, many soldiers are armed with a mix of heavier-caliber AK models and Western-pattern M16/M4 rifles.

The standard uniform for GRUP-19 soldiers is an red/gray/black/white urban camoflage combat uniform. Their appearance has earned GRUP-19 soldiers the nickname of "redcoat". GRUP-19 members often wear masks, both standard balaclavas and gas masks for protection and secrecy. The "search and protect squads"  (A euphenism for the rumored death squads that take up a small percentage of GRUP-19's ranks) often wear all-black uniforms designed to blend in with darkness.

In extreme situations, such a a hostage situation or a massive full-on shootout between a large number of well-equipped and/or trained insurgents, GRUP-19 soldiers wear a specialized heavy body armor suit capable of withstanding any small arms fire and protects the user from nearby explosion blasts. 

GRUP-19 also maintains a sizable vehicle pool. Regular officers often use standard police vehicles, while the army division uses a variety of armored vehicles, from personnel carriers to tanks. The vehicle most associated with GRUP-19 however, is usually an unmarked black or white van, often used by undercover "search and protect" squads.

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