The Executive Apartments are mostly used for storing celebrities temporary in preparation for a special event. They are also one of the most expensive apartments along with the Shiguto Apartments in Neon District. The apartments cost 599 E-Cash each, formerly they cost 800 E-Cash each. The Apartments all offer breathtaking views, a computer, a 16k television, and a king-sized bed.

Many celebrities live in these apartments, who we will not disclose due to privacy reasons. As one of them puts it, "The building is outstanding, and living in it is amazing.". The building was constructed near Amery. Some people say the buildings have a dark history, while many other say it doesn't. During the construction, a reported 2 deaths happened of which one was an android and one was a human, whose first name was Chris and last name cannot be disclosed.

From the view, you can see many famous buildings, such as the Aircom towers, The Watch Precinct, BE Fashion tower, and many others.



  • The apartments are the most expensive player home in-game.
  • The tower is the tallest, non-out-of-bounds building in the district.


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