Executives are some of the richest people in Neon District. They are often found walking with guards to protect them for assassins. They are often found in the Lone Ranger with Syndicates or inside of their Executive Apartments also in the City Authority there is the most powerful Executive that rule over the city. Many Executive include pop stars from all around the world.

Executive consist of 3 types, celebrities, Politicians and business owners. Some people, like the owners of large corporations such as Amery or Nebular Firearms are multi-billionaires due to their businesses.

They mostly drink Ambrosia, an item that can be brought inside the Lone Ranger. They also spend most their time in the higher level of the city around the city council building, the Amery building and the executive apartments. They commonly either pay watch officers or private guards to protect them as body guards. They also wear lavish and expensive clothing with many wearing expensive suits.

Politicians are usually part of the city council. They spend most their time working within the council building and meeting with other executives. During the riot event they are recommended to stay inside the council building for safety.

Celebrities tend to be figure heads from society either being famous social media stars or from being in famous movies or shows. Usually not as rich as politicians or business owners but still up there in the elite of society.

The final type are business owners. They are CEO's or high ranking members of large company's such as Amery or Nebular Firearms. Most are either multi-millionairs or even billionairs with very few being even Multi-billionairs such as Jackson Ryan (Vice-Chairman and public head of Nebular Firearms). They have large amounts of power in the district as they commonly influence the previous two types to their agenda. They are usually the most common and popular executives to have a character as.

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