Executives are some of the wealthiest residents of Neon District: corporate CEOs, top politicians, or famous celebrities. Most Executives are very powerful since they control the City Authority, the Watch, and major corporations; however, this also makes them widely unpopular with the public.

The Executives are usually guarded by the Watch, and can be found in the executive square of the district.

The Executives lead Neon District inside their Authority Tower, with the council of executives.

Some ranks of the Council of Executives Include

Head Council Member/Head of Council, CM of the Banks, CM of Infrastructure, CM of Script, CM of Security, CM of Research, CM of Waste and Sewage, CM of Food, CM of Education, Global Representative of Neon District, and more. Many of these Council Members are high ranking officials or CEOs and founders of large Mega Corps. Celebrities do not fall into this category as they largely don't do any corporate or governmental work.


Executives can most frequently be found in the richest part of the city, the Executive District. This is the location of the City Authority building, the Amery International HQ, and the Executive Apartments. This area is also off-limits to the poorer residents of the city.

Outside of the executive square, they can be sometimes found in the Lone Ranger nightclub, partying or meeting up with Syndicate bosses.

Occasionally, executives would appear in the crowded parts of ND, usually endorsing products or announcing any events or doing interviews.

Relations with other factions of Neon District


The Executives view the average residents of Neon District with disgust, believing them to be lazy and unintelligent. In return, almost all citizens hate the Executives, viewing them as corrupt and greedy. (The exception to this are popular celebrities, who are adored by the public.


Malicious hackers are despised by Executives, as they often reveal private information, be it scandals for celebrities, corruption for politicians, or illegal activities for corporations. However, most small hackers are seen as annoying teenagers and are ignored. Corporations sometimes hire hackers to harm their competitors, yet this is rare since it's illegal.

City Security

The Watch and the Executives have great relations. Watch units are often seen acting as bodyguards for businessmen and celebrities, even though they aren't required to. City Security also protects the Executive District from the poorer residents on Neon District. In return, the Watch receives huge bribes from the Executives.


Journalists are disliked by all Executives. Celebrities hate paparazzi who nose around in their private lives, while politicians and businessmen don't want the media to uncover corruption and crime. Execs often use guards to protect themselves from nosy reporters. Sometimes, politicians ask journalists to find dirt on their opponents, in exchange for valuable information.


Because most Executives have ties with organized crime, their relations with Syndicates are good. Corporations often pay criminals to illegal activities they can't be seen doing, such as attacks on competitors. Politicians often receive bribes from Syndicates in exchange for favors.


Executives see scientists as useful tools, and because of this, many scientists are employed as researchers in corporations. Though it is rare, there are cases of scientists themselves becoming wealthy from great inventions, and thus becoming Executives.


Vagrants cause disgust in the Executives. They are seen as the lowest of the low, even worse than the average citizens.

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