Econo-Smart is a bank neighboring the Neon District Gym. Outside there is an ATM on the right facing towards the entrance. Inside there is a main waiting area with a counter covered in windows with a couple of rope-railing decks to create a line and if you go to the end of the left side, there is a tablet in which you can buy the Bag o' Gold for 10,000 E-Cash. On the opposite side there is a couch, and on the back wall there are 2 ATMs where you can buy E-Cash with Robux. Down a hallway there is big sign saying "VAULT" and an elevator which leads down to the bank vault. When you arrive at the vault floor, you are met with a metallic code-locked security door that can be opened by pressing E. While the door is open, it reveals some red lasers that cover it up that is completely static and is roleplay-only. Inside the vault, there is a cart containing a couple of gold bars while there is a stack of deposit boxes at the end of the corridor which leads to a corner, containing more deposit boxes to roleplay with.

As of 6/12/2020, the bank has received an overhaul.


Item Image E-Cash Description
Bag o' Gold
10000 Literally just a bag full of gold, to flaunt how much E-Cash you have.

Pre-6/12/2020 Bank

Before the 6/12/2020 Bank Vault update, the bank had a counter with seats on it, with the tablet where you can buy the Bag O' Gold item. The Vault was located in a hallway near the counter and you can open it by pressing E. Inside the Vault, there is a couple of stacks of gold that can be roleplayed with. There were no rope-railing decks in the older bank.


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