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E-Cash is the currency in Neon District. You can buy E-Cash with Robux at any ATM around the map, or simply clicking the E-Cash button at the top of the screen. E-Cash is used for buying items such as weapons, food and renting apartments.

Every 2 minutes, you should get a payout of 20 E-Cash, or a 1:6 E-cash to time conversion ratio.

E-cash can only be used for the above purposes and cannot be traded or exchanged between players or NPCs.

18 E-cash in lore is worth 1 USD. This means that something worth 10 dollars in real life would sell for 180 E-cash in the Neon district. The 'E' in E-cash stands for electronic meaning the full name is Electronic cash. It is known as this as all payments using it are completely electronic due to it not having a physical counterpart.

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