Downtown Strikers


"From a low-class street gangster into a wealthy and organized mobster."

Downtown Strikers was first created in 1984 by a man named Jamison McFarlane (Now known as AT-L4S) in the downtown area of London.

Their influence slowly spread through other parts of the world mostly through drug trades and connections, different branches started to appear in other countries and the Downtown Strikers went international.

By 2043 the Downtown Strikers are now operating in 8 different countries and are still seeking opportunities to branch out to other places.

Their main base of operations, as of now, is in New York City, United States of America.


The "Strikers" mainly focus on expanding their business, and their firepower to ensure their security. They discreetly do their job and try to avoid any unnecessary commotion. They live as a regular citizen of Neon District, despite the fact that they are a criminal syndicate. Each of the "Strikers" has their own way of making money, as long as they have the approval to do so. To simply put, Downtown Strikers is an organization of money producing industry, both legally and illegally. And as for now, the Downtown Strikers are now an international shady organization that undertakes of both illicit businesses and legal businesses world-wide and working with the other factions as they run this organization.

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