Founding Day of Devil Gamble

Devil Gamble was founded in 2037, owned by the original Devil Boss, Samuel Rutherford. His role was given away to Clyde Rutherford when he decided to retire.

A New Beginning

Clyde Rutherford started recruiting in what we all know as, Shiguto. Shiguto was the best place to start recruiting, in fact, it was the only place to start recruiting.

The Dangerous Duo

As he recruited he caught one person's eye, Panzer Jäger. Panzer Jäger was the team's UnderBoss.  Together, they ran the illegal, hidden casino. As his team grew, and grew, he became one of the most feared criminal in Neon District.  He walks around the city, as civilians run into their homes, hiding out, until he's gone.

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