You may find these apartments/slums by walking through the hallway that are behind the maintenance doors of the Neon District Station. You may also randomly find them by exploring the vast networks of caves/sewers. These apartments are right next to the Underground Arms and the sewer tunnel. In these slums, they aren't spacious and are the size of roughly 1 1/2 parking lots. These living spaces aren't sound proof but, they have do have curtains for some sort of privacy. You can hear a radio playing, in what seems to be in Mandarin, in the orange colored curtained room. There is no strong and clean lighting, apart from the small fire in a barrel. The beds don't seem as comfortable either. Despite all the poor aspects of these slums, these living quarters run for the cheapest price in the district. You may rent a small room for only 150 E-Cash, about the cost of 2 days worth' of food & drink. These are great for roleplaying as a very low class citizen.

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