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The Cleaners.
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The Cleaner Emblem

You don’t see us often and its best you don't. Originally formed from a union created for the District's blue collar workers and waste management workers, we had gained momentum and pushed for changes and improvements for the common worker. Throughout the course of our existence, the sufferers from the District's ever-growing and rampant forces forced us to act. No one was going to listen. No one was going to take the responsibility. We and many other groups shared a solution. A solution that was the most ideal and one we shared and believed in: To purge the City and the Districts of their problems. Burn the useless population, burn the corporates reeking in from the common worker, burn the groups that have led the problems to evolve and stray.

Under one identity, we are known as the cleaners.

"Through ash and smoke and the sweet nectar we call napalm, we burnt our road alight."


Established beforehand as a union for the city's workers; sanitation and the poverty stricken blue collar workers of the districts, the group began to gain momentum. Soon enough violence erupted within the group as two ideologies clashed between. One half wanted to force a change in the city with violence, the other half opting for a more peaceful approach. Obviously violence always win in the City and soon enough a new ideology had formed, an ideology where the problems of the district would be burned or destroyed at any cost. This ideology created a basis for the formation of the first cleaner crews, former sanitation workers or what not purging the countless wanderers in the sewers and above on the poverty stricken streets. The use of flame throwers made it cynically efficient. Burn the heretic and sweep whatever ash remains. The every so prolonging years continued in the city and the actions of such crews already escalated to a few chapters in separate districts committing all acts of terrorism upon their streets whether it be a bombing of a station or the execution of notable executives or corporates.

Across the years this ideology had soon spread across to the many unions in the country, including the former West Coast region and the southern regions. These "chapters" have adopted such ideologies in different ways but their origins will stay true.

The Cleaners still stand as a "vision" of hope for the common blue collar worker. A force that will cause change when needed using violence and at any cost whether it be innocents, City Security officers or any that stand in there way. They're the so called "saviours" of the city. The ones who will burn the problems and purge the individuals that are the cause for such problems. Stand in their way and be prepared to suffer under the flames.

Chapters of the Cleaners

  • Cleaners of Neon District - The most prominent chapter within Neon District and the surrounding districts, this chapter has been well documented to be merciless in their so called purging and have been responsible for a number of events including multiple arson, terrorists and countless homicides.
  • HEZLA - Another well known chapter in the city and in others, this group can be traced to the still functioning Dockyards and ports. This chapter has been reported to be especially ruthless and careless in their attacks which includes the entire collapse of subway station and the incineration of hundreds of commuters during the Rush Hour of 2040.
  • SEEKERS - Former servicemen or well trained members who've taken up the life of a mercenary. These so called mercenaries fight under any Chapter that dares to contract them. A key feature of Seekers is there addiction to trophies: Badges ripped off WATCH officers, limbs or possessions ripped from the corpses of their targets.
  • Centrals - A well funded and organised chapter, these so called Centrals originate from the more wealthy and affluent districts often being made up of either former security guards and ex-service men after their failure integrating with society.
  • Reds - Formed during the "liberation" of a district several WATCH officers had been influenced by the cleaner ideology and had managed to successfully sabotage any efforts to eliminate the cleaners "liberating" their district. The Blues now serve as the new symbol of protection for the residents of their district donning their WATCH equipment and armour with red streaks painted all across. Once blue and now always red.
  • San Fran Starters "SFS" - A far flung chapter based in the West Coast region. Their ranks consists of young adults or teenagers that want to break out from the constant duress of corporations and their peers. Their actions have yet to be heard in the other regions.
  • Outbacks "Back's" - The cleaner ideology had spread as far to the southern regions where it was quickly adopted into radicalised groups now opting to purge the "inferiors" from their districts and towns. Not much is known about their actions other than the "Stadium of 39" where an entire full stadium was collapsed.

The purging of heretics

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