City Authority located on the opposite side of Amery International, to the right of the Executive Apartments. It is the most recent structural addition to Neon District, originating from the Riot Update, and the City Authority is also home to the Riot Episode which plays out at Amery Plaza just outside the City Authority building. The City Authority is where the Council and Head Council reside, and is where most major political decisions about Neon District occur.

The first floor contains six rooms and a lift. On the second floor elevator lobby, two lifts are visible, contrasting with the single on the ground level. The upper floor contains two rooms that have interiors, behind the lifts. The first room is the city council where the executives takes place on decisions. The room on the right is the office of the head council. The office is minimally furnished with some filing cabinets, a desk, a sitting area and an interface on the entering wall. In the corner with the sitting area is a translucent red tree, hinting that the City Authority could be involved with the Redwoods. The wall outside the doorway to the Head Council's office has three pedestals with the three past Council Heads.


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