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The Children of the Broom are a religious grouping made entirely out of robots designed by Amery to assist in the cleaning of Neon District. The blueprints for the group having been written and proposed, being tossed around Amery since 2036 however they have only been constructed or active since 2042. The Children exist in great number however there is little variety between their members, they appear to only consist of robots serving Amery though it has been documented that several other units are apart of the group's ranks. 

The group seems to pray and are subservient to an entity which they call 'MOTHER' though the being in question has an unknown history. The being seems to be nothing more than several malfunctioning lights used to assist in the illumination of the server room within the Amery building. It should be noted that several of the members seem to speak on behalf of the 'MOTHER' though it is unsure of it is just a glitch with their speakers or something entirely different. 


The Group is mainly compromised out of two types of Amery Robots that were designed for cleaning. It appears that they will follow the orders of an Amery official that goes by the moniker 'The Intern'. The Robots are compromised out of BROOM units and DUST units. The actions they perform and their names are completely coincidental, however.

BROOMs appear to only perform menial tasks with the brooms that they wield, they seem to have no higher programming other than to wander around within a group and to sweep away what they perceive as rubbish or knock over things upon tables. Upon receiving a random number of them within a given area, they seem to perform a ritual that involves them raising their brooms to form a shape. The shape is entirely reliant on how many of them are in the area. A square if there are four of them or a triangle if only three of them are present. They do not seem to be aware of their strength as shown when they are capable of scraping the paint off of walls when trying to sweep them however they do not view the action as damaging and instead of just following their programming.

DUSTs are the newest of the group, not much is entirely known about them currently though they appear to be unable of speech whatsoever and exist to complement the BROOMs with their tasks. Their storage units on their backs seem to be able to carry several pieces of experimental micro-technology like pocket incinerators to dispose of garbage or evidence in a crime scene, leaving little more than ash that can be easily removed. PRAISE MOTHER.

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