Episodes are environment features that were added in the Episodes Update. Any given episode lasts for no more than ~15 minutes. When an episode begins, additional props are added to a specific area of the map, along with any relevant graphical effects and props.

Episodes are selected in order going,

Storm->fire in alleyway->black market->attack on tower->murder at midnight->festival of lights->construction site->Amery banquet->Riot on authority->outbreak->car crash->district lock down->Repeat.

List of Episodes

No Episodes Active

When there is no episode active, the episode tab indicates:

"All is quiet on the streets of Neon District, for now..."

During these inter-episode periods, the map remains in its vanilla form, with no modifications.

Name Picture Involved Description
Amery Banquet Amery International has just released the "ultra-lite" prosthetic - a top of the line body augmentation set that lets users become almost superhuman. To celebrate, a fancy Banquet is being held at Amery International in the upper plaza of Neon District. All the richest Executives and Government officials will be there to check out the new prosthetic, along with increased Watch guard patrols around the area to make sure it's safe. If you plan on going, make sure to dress appropriately.
Attack on the Tower The recent Riots have boiled over, the City Security Tower has been attacked! Some Syndicates have engaged in open combat in the Tower to break free trapped members, and to steal City Security server data.
The Black Market The Black Market is by far one of the most ambiguous events in Neon District. Occurring as an episode during gameplay, the Black Market is an event where the West Side Fire Dragons, a powerful triad in the city, hosts a trade of illegal materials like weapons and drugs to anybody willing to purchase them. It takes place in a parking lot near the BxeFashion outlet and Lee's Defense, meaning it is in close proximity to the Executive Apartments. Some of the items sold include shotguns and pistols. However, the player cannot actually purchase any of these items from the Black Market.

Despite the massive publicity of the event, the Watch still rarely intervene, only a few standing close or shouting warnings. It leaves many civilians thinking- are the Watch just afraid to engage head-on with such a large group of criminals?

Or is there something bigger behind it?

Car Crash A car crash near positioned near the Watch Headquarters. There seem to be bullet holes in the cars. If you examine the cars more, there is a revolver inside the vehicle. Most likely 2 members of different factions brawling
Construction Site Neon District wasn't built in a day. It's ageing infrastructure consistently fails, often leaving citizens without the power of clean water for days while it is being repaired. Next to NEON DISTRICT GYM, lies a recent steam pipe failure. In areas with utilities running underneath, it's not uncommon to see pop up construction sites, desperately trying to fix the problem at bay, only to leave it half-finished to go work on another critical failure. Safety regulations aren't the best in the District, so it's best to stay out of these sites.
District Lockdown There has been a spike in weapon smuggling in the streets of Neon District as of late. The Executives have demanded that the City Security step in and control the situation - violence is bad for business after all. To help control the flow of civilians, the Watch has set up a checkpoint near the entrance of Neon District. Do as the Watch say, and you won't get hurt.
The Festival of Lights The Wonderers of the sewers don't have much, but they enjoy celebrating for what they do have. Many of them don't make it up to the surface enough to see the dazzling lights, so they make their own festival of lights at Shantytown underground. It is common to use this festival as a place to make connections with shadier figures of the district. Hackers can openly offer their services as it falls outside of the Watch's jurisdiction - no Officer will venture into the depths below.
Fire in the Alley A raging fire has broken out near the Longe Ranger and is spreading to other buildings fast! This fire was no more accident, bad dealings with a local syndicate may have been the cause. Members of this syndicate were seen loitering near the building right before it had caught fire. Everyone must be evacuated from the area until the fire is put out. don't try to be a hero!
Murder at Midnight Neon District sees it's a fair share of crime, and this is no exception, but to who the crime has befallen is what is true of interest. The death of a high profile executive has shaken up the city. According to witnesses, it happened in quickly and quietly - but that's about all they want to say. Many civilians fear for their own lives if they speak out. The Watch's patrol officers have set up a secure perimeter right outside the BE FASHION store and Lee's Defense. Detectives begin to interview witnesses who have come forward and the Crime Scene Investigation unit moves in to work the scene before the rain washes all the evidence away.
Outbreak A mysterious virus is known as the "Eko Virus" has spread throughout Neon District. It's known symptoms are blurry vision, coughing, augmentation malfunction, and hives on the skin. Emergency services have responded quickly but are exhausted of medical equipment and personnel. Executives isolate from the world while spending billions in research. City Security works to control the sick while City Authority Decontamination Groups conduct purges on public spaces and raids on private homes to cleanse the district of contaminated material. Hackers break into research facilities in an attempt to make a free cure.
Riot on Authority Due to increasing pressure, the citizens have rebelled against the authority, sending Neon District into a massive riot. The Executives that makeup City Authority Council, have authorized the Watch's Riot Squads to break up the riot and protect the City Authority by any means necessary.
Storm The rain is pouring harder than it normally does.


  • The Outbreak update and Outbreak episode appear to be based on or inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred during 2020, as it was released sometime after COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic, there are boxes that label the Eko Virus as "EKO-13", and the precautions given outside of the medical checkpoint are the same precautions that were given during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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